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Obsessed by politics; Your say.

I UTTERLY condemn the disgraceful attacks on cars belonging to councillors, whatever their political creed.

The quicker the culprits are apprehended the better. I am surprised at Mayor Mallon's outburst in the Evening Gazette (14.6.12). He often regales the full council that he was once a police inspector and dealt with facts and evidence, in this instance he has gone beyond the pale.

There is no evidence as yet who the culprits are yet he vilifies a group of people, saying: "There is a tiny minority of political obsessives who believe they can intimidate and bully councillors out of office, but in this instance it seems their obsession has spilled over into criminality".

The mayor has labelled the political obsessives as possible criminals, so much for evidence and facts. The mayor's analogy is strange when he refers to political obsessives as criminals. To be a councillor or a mayor must require some form of political obsessiveness.

I often write political letters to the Evening Gazette - if I am to be branded as a political obsessive I am in good company and proud of it, there are thousands like me.

I am not a convicted criminal nor do I associate with them. It may be the political obsessives are the movers and shakers he often praised until they started to criticise his policies, to brand a section of innocent people without evidence is despicable.

DENNIS LANE, Coulby Newham [bar] [bar] [bar] I AGREE with Ray Mallon that the cowardly arson attacks against two Middlesbrough councillors' cars in the middle of the night is an assault on our democratic process.

(These people prefer petrol bombs to ballot boxes 14.06.12). As a former leader of Middlesbrough Council I found my family and myself at the sharp end of late night attacks on our cars and home.

I also received threatening phone calls and abusive anonymous letters. With modern technology I hope that the police and fire services are able to identify the cowardly culprits.

I also agree with Ray Mallon that there are a tiny minority of political obsessives in this town who believe they can intimidate and bully councillors out of office.

However I firmly believe that some of these individuals are connected to, or in some cases members of political parties.

KEN WALKER, Acklam [bar] [bar] [bar] WE would like to lend our support to the sentiments expressed by Mayor Ray Mallon about the recent attacks on councillors in Middlesbrough. These outrageous crimes are an attack on democracy and we condemn them. Democracy in Middlesbrough is robust and Middlesbrough's elected members will not be intimidated by such mindless acts of crime and vandalism. We expect that all councillors in Middlesbrough will support our position.

MIDDLESBROUGH LABOUR GROUP, (Written on behalf of all 30 Middlesbrough Labour Councillors) [bar] [bar] [bar] WE utterly condemn the recent arson attacks on two Middlesbrough Councillors and the alleged threats made to the Mayor of Middlesbrough. We extend to them our sympathy and support.

Our town is disgraced by these criminal actions and we look forward to early results from the investigation underway by Cleveland Police.

We may disagree with what other people say but we stand united in the defence of their right to speak, free from threats and intimidation to themselves and their families.

IAN JONES, Middlesbrough & East Cleveland Liberal Democrats
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 19, 2012
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