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A New Wrinftla on tha Moon. Good, Andrew Jul 1, 2019 751
Moonquakes Rumbling on the Lunar Surface: "[The] faults are... active and likely producing moonquakes today as the moon continues to gradually cool and shrink. Some of these quakes can be fairly strong--around five on the Richter scale.". Steigerwald, Bill; Jones, Nancy Jul 1, 2019 1193
February 2019. Jan 1, 2019 2222
March 2019. Jan 1, 2019 2291
Imbrium's Eyebrow: Is oddly shaped Mare Frigoris part of the Imbrium impact basin? Wood, Charles Dec 1, 2018 1181
Changes real and (mostly) imagined: even renowned lunar observers have sometimes been fooled by tricks of lighting and resolution. Wood, Charles A. Aug 1, 2017 1047
Humorum in the eyepiece: here's a medium-size lunar basin that's packed with interesting geologic features observable through your telescope. MacRobert, Alan Dec 1, 2015 956
Three holes in a row: but one is a lava-filled lunar basin that we didn't realize was there. Wood, Charles A. Aug 1, 2015 896
More lunar landing sites: recent space missions have left their mark on the Moon--by landing intact or crashing. Wood, Charles A. Jun 1, 2015 881
Chinese rover reveals moon's layers. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Apr 18, 2015 214
Geologically recent volcanism on the moon. Beatty, J. Kelly Jan 1, 2015 329
Hunting lunar red spots: find these elusive silica-rich lavas. Wood, Charles A. Jun 1, 2013 882
Over the edge: Lunar librations allow you to observe the farside of the Moon. Wood, Charles A. Apr 1, 2012 775
A lunar volcanic crater: few large volcanic craters are visible on the Moon... except this one. Wood, Charles A. Feb 1, 2012 776
Giant lunar shield volcanos? They were strangely missing--until now. Spacecraft altimetry suggests that the Moon has low, broad structures similar to the Hawaiian Islands. Wood, Charles A. Dec 1, 2011 802
New insights on lunar swirls. Jul 1, 2011 445
Unmasking mare ridges: digital terrain maps shed new light on these enigmatic features. Wood, Charles A. Oct 1, 2010 705
Sorting out the water on the Moon. Jan 1, 2010 485
Water world. Hamalainen, Karina Brief article Nov 9, 2009 273
The great alpine valley; take afresh look at one of the Moon's most enigmatic features. Wood, Charles A. Nov 1, 2009 835
The Apollo landers: yep, still there! Brief article Oct 1, 2009 217
Unseen seas: look closely, and you can spot signs of volcanic plains that lie buried under dusty lunar debris. Wood, Charles A. Aug 1, 2008 893
Lunar Rilles of mystery: strange scars on the Moon's surface defy easy explanation. Wood, Charles A. Feb 1, 2008 761
A trio of lunar mysteries: the Moon still has many unexplained features. Wood, Charles A. Oct 1, 2007 1043
Mystery maria: a few of the moon's biggest features are also its most puzzling. Wood, Charles A. Apr 1, 2007 799
Hidden maria and dusty debris: impact cratering and volcanism often combine to produce some of the Moon's most interesting features. Wood, Charles A. Feb 1, 2007 838
Lunar meteors. Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article Feb 1, 2007 138
The moon's mystery rilles: some lunar features don't play by the rules. Wood, Charles A. Sep 1, 2006 790
Little lunar volcanoes: almost all Moon craters are impact features, but there are a few fascinating exceptions. Wood, Charles A. Apr 1, 2006 727
Here's dirt in your eye: telescopes on the lunar surface may no longer offer value. Lester, Dan Apr 1, 2006 694
The straight story on linear rilles: graben on the moon challenge backyard observers and geologists. Wood, Charles A. Oct 1, 2005 769
Pyroclastics on the Moon: deposits from this little-known form of lunar volcanism can be viewed in backward telescopes. Wood, Charles A. Aug 1, 2005 762

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