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Oblong Barrel.

A friend has a double barrel 12 gauge caplock muzzle loader. It looks like it has fallen on its right barrel and bent the first inch or so about 0.018 out of round. How can I fix this without spending a bundle on a tool from Brownells?

Bill Katula Sr.

You'll probably spend as much prep and time to equal the cost of the tool mentioned, but a mandrel the exact ID of the barrel can be used. It initiates as a hard wood dowel or long, brass round and its end needs to be tapered to a lesser diameter with its extreme tip rounded. Insert that rounded end, well greased. into the barrel and tap it further in until the dent or bend has disappeared. You have to be really careful the mandrel doesn't get stuck in there. It would take a whole lot more than a worm, commonly used to extract an unfired ball from a smoke pole, to dislodge it.

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Date:Jan 1, 2014
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