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Strategic censorship in a hybrid authoritarian regime? Differential bias in Malaysia's online and print media. Abbott, Jason; Givens, John Wagner Sep 1, 2015 9402
Trivializing the female body: a cross-cultural analysis of the representation of women in sports journalism. Ponterotto, Diane Report Jul 1, 2014 7497
Is the sports media color-blind? Berri, David J.; Van Gilder, Jennifer; Fenn, Aju J. Report May 1, 2014 9301
Does the medium make a difference? A comparative analysis of international news in Chinese online and print newspapers. Dai, Ming Report Apr 1, 2014 8662
One journalist's crusade to save Central African Republic. Duodu, Cameron Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2014 1682
Facts become Casualties in anti-energy war. Hoar, William P. Nov 18, 2013 2130
Fair, balanced, and untrue. Peters, Charles Brief article Nov 1, 2013 264
Objectivity in journalism. Book review Oct 1, 2013 142
In U.S., Trust in Media Recovers Slightly From All-Time Low; More Americans say media are too liberal than too conservative. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Sep 19, 2013 707
The left vs. the liberal media: media Lens debunks the BBC's humanitarian interventionists. Clark, Neil May 1, 2013 1364
Our American Pravda: the major media overlooked Communist spies and Madoffs fraud. What are they missing today? Unz, Ron May 1, 2013 4342
Blatant media bias. Newman, Balex Viewpoint essay Feb 18, 2013 834
Components of news media credibility among professional administrative staff in Malaysia. Mehrabi, Davood; Ali, Muhamad Sham Shahkat; Hassan, Musa Abu Report Jan 1, 2013 4201
Can you "stand your ground" if you are Hmong? Revisiting Wisconsin v. Vang in light of Florida v. Zimmerman. Hein, Jeremy Report Jan 1, 2013 4943
Media Bias and the Erosion of First Amendment Ideals. Brief article Dec 27, 2012 103
Media Bias and the Erosion of First Amendment Ideals. Brief article Dec 27, 2012 102
Not tough, just obnoxious. Peters, Charles Brief article Jul 1, 2012 102
Calling the cops: ESPN and Syracuse's Post-Standard were pummeled for failing to tell police about a tape regarding sexual abuse allegations against a Syracuse University coach. But when it comes to providing evidence to law enforcement officials, the bar for news organizations is quite high. Spivak, Cary Mar 22, 2012 3569
The Voice of God is dead: it's past time for news outlets to lose the rigid, formulaic approach to newswriting. But figuring out the boundaries can be tricky. Heath, Jena Mar 22, 2012 3836
Examining the impact of journalists' gender in online and newspaper tennis articles. Kian, Edward M. "Ted"; Fink, Janet S.; Hardin, Marie Report Sep 22, 2011 10418
Have the media suppressed Ron Paul's Coverage? Eddlem, Thomas R. Sep 5, 2011 914
Perception of university non-academic professional staff towards new media credibility in Malaysia. Mehrabi, Davood; Hassan, Musa Abu; Ali, Muhamad Sham Shahkat Report Jul 1, 2011 6951
Construction of Taliban image in Pakistan: discourse analysis of editorials of Dawn and The News. Malik, Shaista; Iqbal, Zafar Report Apr 1, 2011 8278
Blind men and an elephant: how the Indian and Chinese press cover Myanmar. Fraioli, Paul Essay Mar 22, 2011 4424
Overseas coverage and local reactions: a case study of media coverage, translation, and conflict. Tang, Jun Case study Jan 1, 2011 7474
TV channels must be allowed to air biased news programmes: BBC broadcaster. Dec 20, 2010 179
'Only the best is good enough for Africa': Africans should not to be brainwashed into thinking we are chickens when in fact we have the potential of eagles. The future of New African best lies in continuing to provide the right information to correct misinformation and to expose disinformation, writes Prof Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu. Konotey-Ahulu, Felix I D. Nov 1, 2010 1462
Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High; Perceptions of liberal bias still far outnumber perceptions of conservative bias. Morales, Lymari Survey Sep 29, 2010 773
Nobody knows my name: the marginalization of Mark Clark in America's collective consciousness. Jeffries, Judson L.; Dyson, Omari L. Report Sep 22, 2010 8982
Pushing past reform fatigue. Glastris, Paul Jul 1, 2010 736
Boys on the plane. Peters, Charles Brief article Jul 1, 2010 162
Maybe seventeen accounts of the president's walk with Bo are enough. Peters, Charles Brief article Jul 1, 2010 134
Media construction of Pakistan's image: discourse analysis of editorials of the elite UK newspapers. Shabir, Ghulam; Iqbal, Zafar Report Jul 1, 2010 7216
Flotilla Reporters Feeding Frenzy at State Dept. Briefing. Brief article Jun 2, 2010 86
Are There Terrorists out There?. Brief article Apr 30, 2010 102
Bright continent: why Africa's success stories are too often overlooked. Kristof, Nicholas D. Apr 19, 2010 853
Covering climate change: reporting on the climate gets wider but shallower. Block, Ben Mar 1, 2010 3111
Coverage of climate change found lacking. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 200
You Decide: Are Media Reports on 'Settler Violence' Accurate?. Jan 19, 2010 84
A good blog is a good editorial. Long, Heather Dec 22, 2009 463
File and forget? Forget it! The Internet is great but it cannot tell a truth from a lie ... and they say everything posted on a website is stored on the Internet forever. What can we do about it then? Duodu, Cameronn Dec 1, 2009 1603
INSS Presents: Meet the Foreign Press - Are They Objective?. Brief article Oct 29, 2009 80
Chinese nationalism in an unequal cyber war. Li, Mingsheng Report Oct 1, 2009 12426
Many Americans Remain Distrusting of News Media; Less than half (45%) have great deal/fair amount of confidence; majority perceive bias. Morales, Lymari Survey Oct 1, 2009 808
Disappearing ink: what happens when the education reporter goes away? Petrilli, Michael J. Sep 22, 2009 1223
Faint Signs Anti-Israeli Media Tide is Receding. Sep 17, 2009 82
Israeli News Site Publishes Sister's Praise for Mass Murderer. Aug 7, 2009 81
Journalism in your face: the award-winning Virgin Islands Daily News is committed to aggressive watchdog reporting. Kumar, Priya Aug 1, 2009 1229
The limits of control: with journalists and their employers increasingly active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news organizations are struggling to respond to a host of new ethics challenges. Podger, Pamela J. Aug 1, 2009 3302
Students staff non-profit paper. Stein, Bernard L. Jun 22, 2009 886
Media may be biased against herbal remedies. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article May 1, 2009 211
The (liberal) beat goes on. Vatz, Richard E. May 1, 2009 1465
Perceptional differences of international news: Western media influence on non-Western media. Turan, Aykut Hamit; Colakoglu, Selcuk; Colakoglu, Bengu Emine Report Apr 1, 2009 6855
Power and pressure: African media and the extractive sector. Schiffrin, Anya Report Mar 22, 2009 6176
Becoming a model minority: the depiction of Japanese Canadians in the Globe and Mail, 1946-2000. Hawkins, Naoko Report Mar 22, 2009 7512
Are "Arabs" killing "Black Africans" in Darfur? The de facto reliance on "Arab versus Black African" as the basis for understanding the fault lines of the Darfur conflict is reflective of the profoundly reductive nature of much of the reportage on Darfur and what amounts to an almost wilful denial of the historical relationships and overlaps between Darfur's so-called Arabs and Africans. Ray, Carina Jan 1, 2009 1677
The spin we love to hate: do we really want news without a point of view? Beato, Greg Column Dec 1, 2008 1362
EGYPT - Nov 28 - Egypt Minister Warns Against Media Pressure. Brief article Nov 29, 2008 230
Bias in media coverage: an overwhelming majority of the news media have adopted the perspective that global farming is man-made. Such a major issue deserves more unbiased, objective reporting. Fisher, John Viewpoint essay Aug 4, 2008 2154
Africans are not democratically deficient. Siddiqui, Samrin Essay Aug 1, 2008 586
In the tank? So let's get this straight: "the media" are swooning over Barack, McCain but can't stand Hillary? Maybe it's a little more complicated than that. Farhi, Paul Jun 1, 2008 3251
Institutional memory lapse. Absher, Frank Brief article Jun 1, 2008 258
A visit to review press' freedom in Cuba: Cuban journalists admit some self-censorship. Phillips, Peter Jun 1, 2008 725
Old soldiers shill the Pentagon line. McCarthy, Coleman Critical essay May 16, 2008 696
NPR news: national pentagon radio? Solomon, Norman May 1, 2008 641
Second time around: after their credulous performance in the run-up to the war in Iraq, how are the news media handling the Bush administration's allegations against Iran? Ricchiardi, Sherry Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2008 4106
Discussing BBC's anti-Israel bias. Ini, Gilead Jan 1, 2008 4630
Quality and Integrity of World's Media Questioned; Residents of leading nations express relatively low confidence. English, Cynthia Survey Dec 17, 2007 1175
Perception of media bias hurts democracy. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 268
Lying to get the truth: a powerful article in Harper's about lobbying in Washington reignites a long-standing debate over the ethics of undercover journalism. Lisheron, Mark Oct 1, 2007 4611
Justice delayed: many in the media jettisoned caution--and the presumption of innocence--in their coverage of an alleged rape by Duke lacrosse players, and were too slow to correct the record as the case unraveled. But some journalists distinguished themselves with skeptical and incisive reporting. Smolkin, Rachel Aug 1, 2007 8834
Are U.S. News' rankings inherently biased against Black colleges? Kamara, Margaret Jun 28, 2007 738
Media bias: fact, not fiction? Malone, Roy Jun 1, 2007 403
Hometown horror: immediately after the mass murder at Virginia Tech, local journalists led the coverage of an unfathomable tragedy. Ricchiardi, Sherry Jun 1, 2007 1598
A tale of two countries: "owned by no-one. Free to say anything"--motto of the British daily, The Guardian. Ankomah, Baffour Editorial Jun 1, 2007 1820
Marwood blasts press for doom-mongering. Hegarty, Ronan Conference notes May 5, 2007 298
"Media hype more Western froth and bubble": Peter Mavunga, a Zimbabwean journalist based in Britain, writes about the "single-minded preoccupation of the Western media with demonising Zimbabwe and propping up the opposition, especially Morgan Tsvangirai, well above his station. Mavunga, Peter May 1, 2007 1125
Bishop of Croydon: 'we see a lot of propaganda on our TV'; This was the verdict of the Bishop of Croydon in South London, Rt Rev Nicholas Baines, who led a delegation of Anglican clergymen to Zimbabwe in April: "we see a lot of propaganda on our television stations but we cannot see the evidence [here].". May 1, 2007 564
Counting the spoons: eternal vigilance is the price of covering national security and political campaigns. Rieder, Rem Editorial Apr 1, 2007 851
We're not dead yet: reports of the coming demise of newspapers are overly pessimistic. Schroth, Raymond A. Mar 2, 2007 1051
Fostering fake news stories. Saltzman, Joe Jan 1, 2007 1022
Personalized journalism lacks depth. Hoffmann, Gregg Oct 1, 2006 1035
What did or didn't happen at Duke: a look at the case of an alleged rape at Duke University reveals the bias of the major media and the need for moral order to once again be upheld on college campuses. Kirkwood, R. Cort Sep 18, 2006 1212
It's the silly season and then some. Royal, Robert Sep 15, 2006 822
Craven at the BBC. Mar 1, 2006 828
Dilemma of interest: many law enforcement officials now use the vague term "person of interest" to describe people caught up in their investigations. That poses a challenge for journalists, who must try to convey a situation accurately without unfairly tarring someone's reputation. Shaw, Donna Feb 1, 2006 3751
Smears in cyberspace: blogs and media ethics. Young, Cathy Feb 1, 2006 1344
Stop the presses! Jan 1, 2006 355
Where's the outrage? Jan 1, 2006 453
From Bob Woodward to Judith Miller: the country's most reviled reporter is a direct descendant of its most beloved. Welch, Matt Column Jan 1, 2006 1256
Off the sidelines: many journalists jettisoned their detached-observer status and jumped in to help the suffering victims of Hurricane Katrina. When should reporters intervene? And where is the line between humanitarian assistance and unacceptable activism? Smolkin, Rachel Dec 1, 2005 4161
Why the New York Times love eminent domain: elite newspapers and liberal activists embrace the Kelo decision at their long-term peril. Welch, Matt Column Oct 1, 2005 1314
When reporters are obliged to add their judgment: factual reporting can be flawed. Klotzer, Charles L. Sep 1, 2005 552
Call before you lynch. Hill, James Jun 22, 2005 1011
New grub street. Jun 1, 2005 447
Media cozies up to the government; nationalism has replaced professionalism in our press. McCarthy, Colman Dec 10, 2004 650
The Swift boat conundrum: how should the mainstream media deal with such stories? Rieder, Rem Oct 1, 2004 766
Journalism without profit margins: in an era of concentration, conglomeration and commercialization of news, a small band of news outlets takes a radically different approach. The journalists at these noncommercial outposts definitely seem happier. But is the journalism better? Stepp, Carl Sessions Oct 1, 2004 5876
A marriage bias? San Francisco news outlets sideline gay reporters who choose to get married. Lisotta, Christopher Apr 27, 2004 402
Whose side are they on? U.S. officials have accused Arab news network Al Jazeera of biased coverage. Are any media really objective in times of war? MacFarquhar, Neil Sep 22, 2003 939
Getting It All Backwards. Andrusko, Laura Echevarria And Dave Aug 1, 2003 856
Requiem for a loser: Pew pulls the plug on public journalism. Corrigan, Don Jul 1, 2003 2617
Civic journalism played into right-wing media bashing. Corrigan, Don Jul 1, 2003 1324
The war in Iraq: separating fact from media fiction. Taylor, Scott May 1, 2003 1144
Newspapers highlight benefits of new drugs, ignore risks. May 1, 2003 427
Who's in charge? ... A tiny, unelected group, backed by powerful unrepresentative interests. Said, Edward W. Apr 1, 2003 1666
"I want to tell you about my life now": the voice of Palestinian refugees in Frontiers of Dreams and Fears. Burwell, Catherine Feb 1, 2003 7426
"Media bias" revisited. (The media). Bowman, James Jan 1, 2003 2965
Fat city: is fat really bad for you? Articles in two top newspapers reached opposite conclusions. No surprise-readers and viewers often find themselves whipsawed by reporting on health issues. How can journalists keep confusion to a minimum? Smolkin, Rachel Dec 1, 2002 4949
The search for objectivity in journalism. (Mass Media). Myrick, Howard A. Column Nov 1, 2002 2768
Dealing with bias charges. (Free Press). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 766
Power shapes the news. (Behind the Lines). Brief Article May 1, 2002 257
Too close to the source. (Bylines). Wenner, Kathryn S. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 513
Twenty years of lies. (Early Edition). Bishop, Ed Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 732
Paragons of press freedom? (Cover story 2: American tragedy). Jan 1, 2002 3270
They were only half right. (Early Edition). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 664
Fox news, fair and balanced--not. Murry, Bob Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 960
Owning It All. Sherman, Christopher Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 929
The concept was the problem. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 625
Post behind the eight ball. Bishop, Ed Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 711
LIVING IN spin. Kemper, Cynthia L. Apr 1, 2001 1615
The Newest Media Curse: Journalist-Pundits. SALTZMAN, JOE Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 1014
A Study of the Relationship Between Bias Articles in the Washington Post and USA Today in the 1992 Presidential Election. Cope, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 132
Playing Favorites? Wizda, Sharyn Jan 1, 2001 3967
Limbaugh program demonstrates need for the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Corrigan, Don Dec 1, 2000 2224
Mideast Bias? Koch, Nora Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 462
Complicity, objectivity & stupidity. Bowman, James Dec 1, 2000 2746
Difficult Times. RIEDER, REM Nov 1, 2000 768
The New Flat Earth Society. Sampat, Payal Nov 1, 1999 523
The Broken Wall. FLEETWOOD, BLAKE Sep 1, 1999 3974
Too Close for Comfort? Robertson, Lori Sep 1, 1999 871
Too Much Cheerleading on the Editorial Page? Eller, Tricia C. Sep 1, 1999 1272
All Expenses Paid. AUSTIN, ELIZABETH Jul 1, 1999 2468
`Week In Review' overhaul. SCHROTH, RAYMOND A. Apr 23, 1999 1380
J-school prof learns about pitfalls of journalism on the campaign trail. Harmon, Mark Apr 1, 1999 2835
The throne of self-importance. Bowman, James Mar 1, 1999 3126
JUST THE FACTS? Peters, Charles Panel Discussion Jan 1, 1999 11105
Labels, Images, and the News Media. Saltzman, Joe Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 1055
When the Story Is About the Owner. Guensburg, Carol Dec 1, 1998 1131
Demand Accuracy from the Media! Saltzman, Joe Brief Article Nov 1, 1998 945
Tilting at windmills: the first four years of the Fiske-Starr inquiry had not been able to lay a glove on Bill or Hillary Clinton. Peters, Charles Cover Story Oct 1, 1998 3501
The Monthly's mission. Peters, Charles Brief Article Oct 1, 1998 390
Pennington should have covered Cohen resignation. Frohlichstein, Tripp Sep 1, 1998 1645
Doctors, media and the quest for immortality. Blumenthal, Herman T. Sep 1, 1998 2999
Nonpartisan review. Bowman, James Apr 1, 1998 3748
Down on Clinton. Bowman, James Mar 1, 1998 3345
Gravegate: "scandal" before the scandal. Heyboer, Kelly Mar 1, 1998 1013
Steven Brill's new target: the news media. Robertson, Lori Biography Sep 1, 1997 660
When it comes to day care, you can't trust the media. Eisenberg, Sherri Jun 1, 1997 548
Hot off the presses: pseudo facts, opinion, and fantasy. Saltzman, Joe May 1, 1997 921
Confessions of a "softie." (journalist admits she believes not all politicians are bad) (First Person) Dougherty, Kathleen Nov 1, 1996 932
Through a prism darkly. Shearer, Ellen; Starr, Frank Sep 1, 1996 2616
Stupid press tricks. Douglas, Susan Column Aug 1, 1996 845
Circle of friends. Bloom, Stephen G. Jul 1, 1996 758
Whoops! I detect a conflict on the opinion page. Cavett, Van Jun 22, 1996 492
Don't write about your spouse's employer. Drake, Barbara Mantz Jun 22, 1996 521
Will's views are too useful to ignore. Fiske, Phineas Jun 22, 1996 497
Black press for sale: the Nigerian government buys cover. McKissack, Frederick L. Jun 1, 1996 1835
Republican caucus, Buchanan win received little press. Vollmer, Becky Apr 1, 1996 899
New media owners, same old problems. Saltzman, Joe Column Nov 1, 1995 926
Today's journalism is riddled with errors. Doherty, Brian Sep 1, 1995 3488
Busted coverage. Silverstein, Ken Apr 1, 1995 2488
The media's rush to judgment. Fallows, James Jan 1, 1994 3362
Journal fever. Gifford, Bill Nov 1, 1993 4646
Myth information. Meacham, Jon Jul 1, 1993 3556
Bad news bearers. Georges, Christopher Jul 1, 1993 3817
Whiplash. Gitlin, Todd Apr 1, 1993 1423
The flack pack: how press conferences turn serious journalists into shills. Bennet, James Nov 1, 1991 7565
Vanity fare. Boo, Katherine Sep 1, 1991 4485
The journalist: a source's captive or betrayer? Lukas, J. Anthony May 1, 1990 3089

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