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Objectives of Gulf war.

Objectives of Gulf War

The U.S. political objectives of the Gulf war have four folds:

1. To crush an emerging power in the Muslim world that is characterised by three features: (i) A strong industrial and financial base; (ii) A million-man battle tested army with the possibility in the near future of possessing a nuclear capability; (iii) An Aggressive Pan-Arab nationalistic vision. Such a country could become a contervailing power to the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East. 2. To change the balance of power in the Middle East, in favour of Israel and thereby prepare the grounds for a comprehensive solution to the Middle East issues under U.S. hegemony. 3. As the Arab kingdoms and Sheikhdoms inevitably fall to carve a new structure of Arab states, these states while being sufficiently coercive to a quell the resurgence of populist Pan-Arabism, would also be quiscent enough to be part of a U.S. dominated unified structure, with a permanent U.S. military presence to project and control the oil fields. 4. In mobilising the political or military support of all the advanced industrial countries of the world, behind the American military action in Iraq, the U.S. will establish its political and military pre-eminence in the post-cold war world.

In the context of these objectives, the continued presence of Pakistani troops in Saudi Arabia may be against Pakistan's long-term national interests. The people of Pakistan would be subjected to the humaliation of being placed on the same side as Israel (particularly now that the U.S. has sent Patriot missiles with American crews for the defence of Israel. At the same time, Pakistan may be seen as a silent partner in the post-war political structure designed to crush the aspirations of the Arab masses for national sovereignty and freedom.
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Author:Hussain, Akmal
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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