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Richard W. LeVan, 68, chairman of Wescast Industries, Inc., Brantford, Ontario, Canada, died in April. In 1961, LeVan joined a small firm producing iron stoves and transformed it into Wescast, one of the world's largest suppliers of cast exhaust manifolds for passenger cars and light trucks, He was a recipient of the William Grede Award, a past president of both the Gray Iron Foundry Assn. and Canadian Foundry Assn., and a past director of AFS. LeVan had served as chairman at Wescast since 1994, retiring in March due to illness.

W. Tom McKee, 57, president of Centrifugal Casting Machine Co., Inc., (CCMCO) Tulsa, Oklahoma, died in April. McKee, who purchased CCMCO in 1980, received a civil engineering degree from the Univ. of Kentucky and a MBA from Case Western Reserve Univ, Cleveland.
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Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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