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Jean-Rene Causse, MD

February 6, 1910--December 10, 2001

Jean Causse, the name he preferred, died at the age of 91 years of pneumonia as a complication of chronic bronchitis in Beziers, France, December 10, 2001. He retired from an illustrious career of otology in 1977, after having performed 22,600 ear operations, mostly stapedectomies.

Jean Causse was born February 6, 1910, in Servian, France, where he grew up. He attended medical school in Montpellier, but his studies were interrupted by military service. He continued his medical training in Paris and Toulon, France. With his wife Simone he practiced for 2 years (1937-1939) before World War II. He stopped the practice because of the war. He was captured by the Germans but escaped the day before being sent to Germany to a concentration camp and almost certain death. After the war he continued his ear, nose and throat practice in Beziers. In 1962 he had a serious car accident and was cared for by Dr. Canu, who became a good friend. They started to work together, with Jean Causse doing only otology.

With his wife Simone, who is a very capable businesswoman, a large and busy otologic clinic and hospital was created in an office building in the center of Beziers. The excellent quality of medicine offered in this private clinic, as well as the fortuitous situation in which the system of socialized medicine in Europe had failed to look after the large number of patients with otosclerosis, contributed to the popularity of this clinic. Patients came not only from France but all of Europe to get their stapedectomies.

In 1977, Jean turned the clinic over to his son Jean-Bernard, who later built a completely new clinic and hospital and named it after Jean Causse. The Jean Causse Clinic is now in the hands of others and is in no way involved with the Causse family or their otologic clinic.

I first met Jean Causse in 1974 at a meeting where he spoke on cochlear otosclerosis. Simone and he were Marlene's and my guests in Los Angeles. We subsequently visited their clinic in Beziers. They lived in an elegant penthouse above their office and hospital. Jean Causse's library was extensive and a delight to see. They were kind and gracious hosts.

Jean-Rene Causse was presented with the French Legion of Honor. He died three days before the death of his son Jean-Bernard. Jean Causse is survived by his wife Simone, a son Jean-Pierre, and two daughters, Micheline and Claudine.

Jack L. Pulec, MD

Los Angeles

May 13, 1944-December 13, 2001

Jean-Bernard Causse, MD

The world has lost an outstanding otologist at the pinnacle of his career. Jean-Bernard Causse, age 57 years, lost his 9-month battle with primary amyloidosis on December 13, 2001, in a hospital in Montpellier, France. Jean-Bernard was born on May 13, 1944, in Beziers, France, to Simone and Jean-Rene Causse, who himself was to become a famous otologist. Jean-Rene Causse preceded Jean-Bernard in death by a mere three days. Jean-Bernard grew up in Beziers, France, and studied medicine in Strasbourg, France, where he was the first prize winner of the faculty. He presented a medical thesis in June of 1975. He joined his father in Beziers in the practice of otology.

Jean-Bernard was a fine surgeon and confined the majority of his work to stapedectomy for otosclerosis and the treatment of congenital hearing loss. He performed more than 25,000 stapedectomies. He had 152 publications to his credit and was instrumental in the development of 51 prostheses. He was accorded many awards befitting his accomplishments. He was on the Editorial Board of the ENT JOURNAL. He was listed in Barons 500 and was included in the membership of the Academy of Science of New York, the Otosclerosis Study Group, the Politzer Society, the Collegium Neuro-otologicum, the Belgian ENT Society, and the English ENT Club. He was a corresponding member of the American Otological Society, the Paris Hospital ENT Society, and the American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery. He was given the Pioneer Award of the Herault General Council and was named Guest of Honor at the 2002 Southern Section meeting of the Triological Society. He was made an Honorary Citizen of Memphis, Tennessee. He received the French Legion of Honor in 1999. Jean-Bernard was an active athlete. He ran in three New York Marathons. He enjoyed listening to good jazz.

He is survived by his wife Isabelle, who is an oral surgeon, two children--Jerome, 27, a student at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, and Annabelle, 22, who is studying Pharmacy at Montpellier University--and his mother.

Jean-Bernard Causse was always cheerful and loved to joke. His generosity was legendary. His friendship was something to treasure, and to have experienced it was a great honor.

Jack L. Pulec, MD

Los Angeles
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