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Amelia Penland

79, died aug. 6

editor, unilla (ga.) observer

It's one thing to be against racism. But standing up against -- and even taunting -- the Ku Klux Klan in your newspaper is something else entirely.

During her career as editor of the weekly Unadilla (Ga.) Observer in the late 1940s, Amelia Penland wrote articles and editorials about the evils of the Klan during the segregation era. The paper once covered an election in which a black man tried to vote, and was beaten with walking sticks by Klansmen.

The group responded to the paper's defiant reports, which included daring the Klan to take off their hoods, by burning a cross on her lawn.

Penland moved to Aiken, S.C., in 1952, to head the city's bureau for The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle. There she became one of the first reporters to cover the Savannah River federal nuclear facility.

Seymour Linscott

87, died july 19

rewrite man, the boston globe

Known for his grace under pressure, Seymour "Mike" Linscott was the go-to man in the Boston Globe newsroom when the phrase "Get me rewrite" was still an editor's call to arms.

When things were quiet, Linscott, who often wore an open-necked polo shirt, was typically seen leaning back in the chair, his arms folded, his eyes closed. But when the call came, his editors knew he could be counted on to deliver, no matter the deadline. (The Globe published both morning and evening editions through 1979.)

Linscott worked as the Globe's rewrite man from 1943 until he retired in 1980. Some colleagues believe he requested the assignment after covering a fire in July 1944 in which more than 130 spectators -- many of them children -- were killed in a fire at a circus.

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