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Obama not right on gay rights.

In response to Demba A. Jawo's letter "Obama is right on gay rights" (NA, Feb), I would like to say Obama and any other person who thinks like him can't be right on this issue.

What all African leaders are saying is that legalising gay rights is against the moral and religious values of Africans and as such, incongruous to the African personality, and t they have a duty to guard our interests. Africans are humans just like all others on earth and we cannot accept anything that is against our sensibilities as a s people. Jawo's assault on our intellectuals; who are against gays is therefore without basis. Globalisation does not mean we should lose our Africanness.

People talk about rights. What are they? Rights are conferred on a people by society. As such, if the majority of a people sees a particular act as injurious to society, then it means that particular act cannot be acceptable in that milieu. We are Africans and what we believe in as people makes us who we are. Let us stand firm and fight this canker with all our might and strength before it festers and becomes something we can't deal with.


Dr Kwame Kwakye

Cape Coast, Ghana

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Title Annotation:Readers' views
Author:Kwakye, Kwame
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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