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Obama hedges pragmatic stability over human rights.

Obama puts human rights on the back-burner to foster strongman stability President Barack Obama is sometimes described as a foreign-policy "realist." It's an abstract, imprecise label, but when it is laid on Obama, it is intended to describe his cold-eyed emphasis on core American interests, rather than, say, on the promotion of rights or democratic politics abroad.

ISIS ideology may be traversing ancient trade routes to Southeast Asia Driven in part by the relentless drive into Iraq by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the threat has already emerged in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.

How detrimental social policy, not merely extremist ideology, imploded the Arab world. Nothing symbolises the sorry state of Arab politics more than the march of ISIS. The Arab world at large appears to be fast descending into a political quagmire, only a few years after the euphoria of the so-called Arab Spring.

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Date:Jul 10, 2014
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