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Obama flinching on the ropes...

In response to the article 'Will he flinch or fight?' (GDN, September 6), so far the only major issue where US President Barack Obama has shown evidence of a fight is in the passing of the practically filibuster-proof stimulus package, which nobody seems to have read in its entirety.

Regarding most of the other national as well as international issues, he has had to flip-flop and defend his ground.

Sadly, his line of defence no longer seems to be working well with the American people, as evident through his declining popularity poll numbers across most of the board.

His credibility appears to hang in the balance, with (billionaire) Warren Buffett recently backing off from his economic policies.

Incidentally, Buffett, who has been an active supporter of Obama, has warned him about the rise in the debt-to-GDP ratio that could, in his words, result in a 'double dip recession'.

Obama's flinching tactics with the incoherent health care bill have made him to withdraw 'end of life' references and practically withdraw the public option, following the widespread town hall protests.

The uncertain and conflicting responses by his Press secretary Robert Gibbs to key questions raised by members of the Press, with issues like the White House sending unsolicited e-mails to the public, offers another notable example.

The latest has been Obama's appointment of Anthony Van Jones as his 'Green-Jobs Tsar', who has been known to drop nasty expletives reflecting his radical views and is a confirmed signatory to the 2004 'Truthers Bill'.

A few of the 30-odd Tsars appointed by Mr Obama are known to have professed extreme radical views regarding issues of forced abortion and sterility and 'end of life' policies.

The fact that Van Jones was forced to submit his resignation without any comment from the White House is the latest flinching act that has had ardent supporters of Obama, such as (campaign veteran) Bob Beckel, seriously questioning his radical associations.

In light of the above, Obama will have to keep flinching to avoid the jabs from both sides of the aisle, once the Senate convenes this autumn.

M Chakravarty

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Sep 14, 2009
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