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Obama as author.

In the cover story entitled "Barack Obama's Legacy" (March 6, 2017 issue) author Charles Scaliger said, "Persistent rumors that Ayers ghost-wrote one of Obama's books have never been confirmed or refuted". However, Bill Ayers confirmed that he did indeed write Dreams From My Father. This may be viewed in Chapter 11 of Joel Gilbert's video production There's No Place Like UTOPIA.

Also, I noticed when reading the book Dreams that the statement attributed to Obama while a college student extinguishing a match after lighting a cigarette is the same as a line spoken by Peter O'Toole in his lead role as Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia, 1962. O'Toole spoke the words at the beginning of the film in the map room in the basement of British Army Headquarters in Cairo.

When I read Dreams, I found many instances of plagiarism and knew something was amiss. After lengthy study, I am confident that accusations of fraud are well-founded.


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Author:Giroux, Frank W.
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 17, 2017
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