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Obama Orders Review of U.S. Nuclear Plants.

Obama Thursday he has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is in charge of safety regulations at U.S. nuclear power plants, to perform a comprehensive review of U.S. plants in light of Japan's disaster.

The call came on Thursday after Obama ahead of a visit to the Japan Embassy in Washington where he offered condolences to the Japanese people, expressing how "heartbroken" America was over the tragedy the country faces in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami which have killed thousands and have sparked a nuclear crisis.

"Nuclear power plants have undergone exhaustive study, and have been declared safe for any number of extreme contingencies.  But when we see a crisis like the one in Japan, we have a responsibility to learn from this event, and to draw from those lessons to ensure the safety and security of our people," Obama said at the White House.

On Thursday U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman said the U.S. was actively working on maintaining safety.

"We do not need to have that great stimuli to have a continued focus on safety," he said at a press conference at the White House prior to the President's statement.

"It's going to be a continuous effort and it's built into the management principles of our organization that we're always going to look to do what we can to make sure our activities are all carried out in the safest manner possible," he said.


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Date:Mar 17, 2011
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