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Obama Not Intending To Introduce New Peace Plan In Israel.

The re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama and the election of a new government in Israel might mean the beginning of a beautiful new friendship.

Or not.

Obama will not be bringing any new peace processes, plans, or programs to the table when he visits in March, nor is the trip meant to kick-re-start the long-stalled peace process, White House Spokesman Jay Carney ( said .

An anonymous White House source told the ( Haaretz newspaper of Israel that the trip is meant to "reaffirm the deep and enduring bonds between the United States and Israel and to discuss the way forward on a broad range of issues of mutual concern, including Iran and Syria."

On Tuesday, the White House ( announced that Obama will make his first trip to Israel as U.S. President. He previously visited in 2008 when he was campaigning for the first time. Details of the trip haven't been released, but it is likely Obama will also visit Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority.
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Date:Feb 6, 2013
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