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Obama Maintains Opposition To Outsourcing Jobs.

The first of three US presidential debates before the November election focused on domestic issues, but the most pressing issues like jobs and the economy are intertwined with global affairs. President Barack Obama reiterated during the first debate that he would give no tax breaks for companies that "ship jobs abroad." Representatives of India's fast-growing information technology industry are unperturbed, reports Chandra Ranganathan for the Economic Times. Company spokespeople reiterate that affordable pricing and reliable customer service, not government subsidies, give companies the competitive edge. Still, companies in India, like Infosys, have responded to complaints coming from US political leaders by investing in call centers and hiring in US markets. Major tech companies in the US, like Microsoft, point to a shortage of workers for engineering and computer science positions, and support a boost in the annual quota of H-1B visas, which allow hiring of skilled foreign workers in areas where trained US workers are unavailable. - YaleGlobal

Outsourcing is two-way street - India's IT reps recognize that jobs and outsourcing are key issues for US election and have boosted their own US hiring

Chandra Ranganathan

The Economic Times, 8 October 2012

Source:The Economic Times

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Date:Oct 8, 2012
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