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Obama: US misjudged the strength of ISIS.

WASHINGTON, Sept 28 (KUNA) -- President Obama said on Saturday to the news show on CBS (60 minutes) that the United States has understimated the strenght of the Islamic State as it took over large chunks of Syria and Iraq and the region become "ground zero for jihadists around the world".

He added that the US have overstimated in the same time the Iraqi army's ability to fight the militants assuring that the US will continue its coaliation with the world and its airstrikes on positions of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

"We just want to push them back, and shrink their space, and go after their command and control, and their capacity, and their weapons and their fueling, and cut off their financing, and work to elimitate the flow of foreign fighters" he reassured.

Obama also said that the US will continue to train Iraqi and Syrian forces to battle the Islamic State on the ground restating that the "US will not commit troops in combat on the ground (for this fight)".

He also admitted in the interview that he and his adminitration was "taking by surprise" to the lenght of ISIS strengh.

Obama added that the US must help "come up with political solutions in Iraq and Syria in particular, but in the Middle East generally, that arise in an accomodation between Sunni and Shia populations that right now are the biggest cause of the conflict not just in there but in the world". (end)

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Publication:Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
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Date:Sep 29, 2014
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