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Oat bran lovers vindicated.

Those of us who not only faithfully ate--and thoroughly enjoyed--our oatmeal and oat bran cereals during the heyday of oat bran popularity did not particularly appreciate recent studies pooh-poohing the effect of oat bran on serum cholesterol levels. Now it appears that we have the last laugh!

A recent report on the findings of researchers who pooled the results of 10 studies on the merits of oat bran in lowering cholesterol shows some interesting results. Persons who consumed 3 grams daily of the soluble fiber in oat bran--the equivalent of a generous helping of cold oat bran cereals or hot oatmeal--were able to lower their cholesterol levels an average of 6 milligrams per deciliter in only three months or less. Moreover, those who started with the highest cholesterol levels--230 or more--lost the most, an average of 16 mg/dl.

The 10 studies, comprising some 1,300 persons, included only ones that kept careful records of any dietary changes that took place among the subjects. Some recent studies have claimed that reduction in fat intake and not oat bran consumption per se is responsible for the favorable results previously reported on oat bran. Such assumptions were refuted in these 10 studies, which took into account the effects of oat bran consumption independent of any effects that may have resulted from consuming less fat.
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Title Annotation:oat bran and blood cholesterol levels
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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