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Oat Bran.

Nine people were involved in writing this text. It covers a topic that suddenly became important in the public eye about four years ago. Oat bran was being credited with miraculous health benefits, according to a whole stream of authors.

Because of all the hype it became necessary to install some order into the situation and the American Association of Cereal Chemists convened a committee that adopted a tentative definition for oat bran. It was also suggested that a book covering the nature of oat bran, its method of manufacture, its properties and physiological effect should be compiled, and this text is the result.

With all this in mind, the actual chapter titles themselves don't immediately scream out as headlines but they do allow the reader to discover where we have got to in the pros and cons of the merits of oat bran and indeed oats as part of the human diet. They run: Structure of oat bran and distribution of dietary fibre components; Current practice and novel processes; Comparisons of dietary fibre and selected nutrient compositions of oat and other grain fractions; Physicochemical characteristics and physiological properties of oat (1-3), (1-4)-Beta-D-glucan; Physiological responses to dietary oats in animal models; and Hypocholesterolemic effects of oat bran in humans.

Because of earlier controversies over this whole subject, the various contributors have provided a good number of references to further reading, because obviously this text does not represent the finite answer to all the questions surrounding the merits of oat bran but it does go a long way towards answering some of them.
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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