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Oaklands burger factory.

Oaklands Burger Factory

A year ago Oakland Fast Food was launched as a company. One of their first moves was to open a factory in Hull to make premium quality burgers for the fast food and retail business.

Oakland, part of Grand Metropolitan Foods Europe, was formed from the inhouse manufacturing company set up by UB Restaurants to produce burgers and buns for Wimpy International and pizza dough for Pizzaland and Perfect Pizza.

To overcome the problems of investing in older factories to bring them up to date, they invested some 4.5m [pounds]. in a purpose-built factory that initially was capable of producing up to five million burgers a week. Designed to meet the EEC standards, it incorporates the latest ideas in terms of environmental control. Thus, there is full temperature control throughout the plant, the production areas are fully insulated, the floor is tiled throughout and the walls in the production areas are PVC clad.

Their raw material is frozen meat, which comes in wax-lined cartons to overcome the possibility of polyethylene becoming trapped in frozen meat. Following initial intake, the product is held pending bacteriological checks; a Bactometer is used to cut down the time taken. After tempering up, the meat is deboxed, passed through metal detectors and fed into Wolfking grinding equipment. This is fitted with a bone elimination system to remove any gristle or bone. Ground samples are checked by an Anyl-Ray Fat Analyzer and the results fed into a computer. From these results the recipe is formulated to show the proportions of forequarter and flank that must be mixed to give the target fat content.

Once the main meat ingredients have been blended, seasoning and other ingredients are added according to the recipe. This mix is then transferred to one of the Formax 26 burger forming units; when fully operational there will be six lines. Once formed the burgers are frozen by passage through liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels; in about two minutes their temperature has fallen to -18 [degrees] C. Frozen burgers pass through a second set of metal detectors into stacking machines where they are collated. From this point they are loaded into polyliners in cases that have been erected on a mezzanine floor. Finally, these are taped and coded by an ink-jet unit.

PHOTO : Burgers seen leaving one of the Formax units
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