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Oak Technology Introduces Fourth-Generation IDE/CD-ROM Controller; OTI-910 Extends Oak's Leadership Position in IDE CD-ROM Technology.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 7, 1995--Solidifying its role as the leader in IDE CD-ROM technology, Oak Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: OAKT) today introduced the company's latest IDE CD-ROM controller supporting today's most advanced CD-ROM speeds.

The Oak OTI-910 controller will target CD-ROM drives used in home and business multimedia PCs.

Based on Oak's industry-leading OTI-011 CD-ROM controller, the OTI-910 is part of a complete, cost-effective solution from OEMs for incorporation into the next generation of 8X drives.

Oak is the world's largest merchant supplier of IDE CD-ROM controllers. With CD-ROM drives becoming a standard feature in most personal computers, today's drive manufacturers are working closely with the leading multimedia PC suppliers to provide them with an affordable, integrated CD-ROM drive solution.

"As CD-ROM drives are being installed in today's PCs to accommodate sophisticated multimedia solutions, the OTI-910 controller clearly reinforces Oak's leadership position in providing its customers with leading-edge solutions for CD-ROM drives," said Don Bryson, chief operating officer at Oak Technology. "The OTI-910 allows us to provide our OEMs with a comprehensive solution and a logical migration path to quickly and affordably design-in the most advanced CD-ROM features available."

Higher Disk Operating Speed

The OTI-910 controller provides a significantly faster throughput, removing data from the CD-ROM disk at up to 8X speed, and transferring it across the IDE interface in ATAPI mode 3. The OTI-910 also supports CD-ROM audio and CD-I movie standards, thereby enabling CD-ROM games, databases and encyclopedias to take full advantage of the accelerated access and display of information on the screen. Additionally, all installed CD-ROM applications can be started faster upon selection.

Faster Data Transfer and Reduced CPU Utilization

Multiblock transfer across the IDE bus, a new feature to ATAPI CD-ROM drives, allows the OTI-910 controller to significantly increase data transfer rates as well as system performance. The OTI-910 allows CPU utilization to be reduced from 25% to as low as 10% in comparison to Oak's OTI-011 -- resulting in a dramatic increase in overall system performance.

Both the Oak OTI-910 and OTI-011 controllers support plug-and- play configuration with Windows 95, allowing a PC to easily configure itself by identifying an IDE CD-ROM in the system upon power up.

The OTI-910 is sampling now and will be available in production shipments in the third quarter of 1995 for $10 in volumes of 10,000. Supporting Sony-Philips CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, and CD-I formats, the OTI-910 host interface is compatible with IDE while supporting ISA, PCI and VL buses.

Oak Technology, Inc. supplies high-performance multimedia semiconductors and related software to rapidly growing segments of the personal computer, PC peripheral and consumer electronics industries. Oak is currently the world's largest merchant supplier of CD-ROM controllers and has debuted several high-performance multimedia semiconductor products: an MPEG video decoder, a 64-bit video/graphics accelerator and a 16-bit digital audio controller.

CONTACT: Oak Technology Inc., Sunnyvale

Scott Alberts, 408/737-0888


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 7, 1995
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