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OVID for the health, academic, or corporate searcher.

Beginning this Fall, CD Plus will begin shipping OVID, a new search software, that provides an innovative way to search the essential databases published for the health, science, and academic field. "Our goals has been to come up with the most flexible and powerful search solutions available to suit very diverse customers in the health, academic and corporate organizations," said Mark Nelson, CD Plus founder and president. "OVID allows them to use the operating system of their choice--DOS, Windows, MAC, UNIX or any combination thereof--providing identical functionality in terms of search access and ease of use. Professional searchers accessing databases as a regular part of their job will have an array of enhanced "command level" tools with OVID that shorten search time and increase accuracy.

The company is also introducing an "EZ" Windows application. It provides complete prompting on-screen for inexperienced searchers plus pull-down menus and on-screen prompts designed for those with moderate search experience.

Mark Nelson reports that all functions and databases published via OVID are displayable with a single keystroke. Every step is defined via on-screen HELP text and definitions that are designed to be both context and database specific.

OVID is touting an array of "smart" searching features that include elimination of the need for syntax fluency in defining search sets; infinite scrolling of database indexes and thesauri from "a" to "z" and back; full thesauri hierarchy with tree branches that can be opened and closed with a keystroke; the single-keystroke posting of desired index or thesaurus terms directly to a search strategy without ever having to exit the search program; and very fast, simple save, download, and print commands.

The software comes with a host of options for system administrators enabling custom-tailoring of features to best serve specific user populations. Chief among these are intelligence gathering modules for assessing user searching histories and preferences as well as the capability for creating and displaying local journal holding messages of any number and length--again, with single-keystroke flagging to appropriate journals. Local journal flagging lets patrons know up front which articles are contained in the library and enables them to limit their searches to just those articles, if they wish.

For more information, contact CD Plus, 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, 212/563-3006.

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Title Annotation:Product Announcement; CD Plus search software
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Date:Jul 1, 1992
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