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The delegation of the Kutafin University (MSAL) with the head of the rector Victor Blazheev took part in VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The Forum greeted the participants from 79 countries, including Singapore, China, Japan, India, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Great Britain, Germany and USA.

The representatives of state power bodies, international organizations, associations, funds and unions, business, educational and scientific institutions, notaries, judges, lawyers and consultants participated at the Forum.

"Law in the Global Context" is the topic of the Plenary meeting, the Chairman of the Russian Federation Government Dmitry Medvedev appeared among speakers.

Alexander Konovalov, Chair of the Organizing Committee, Minister of Justice Of The Russian Federation marked that this topic perfectly reflects the importance of the constructive dialogue of lawyers as the bedrock of global security and stability.

Within the plenary meeting the prime-minister announced that in the course of the forum the participants will discuss how the law and state management are influenced by new technologies: the system of distributed registries (blockchain), cloud computing, unmanned transport, artificial intelligence.

Dmitry Medvedev also claimed that the arbitrage is still the most popular way of the solution of disputes not only between states but also between companies, and the attempts to solve the dispute in the court can only be saluted--in case of clear maintenance of the procedure.

Annually there is a keen interest to the sessions of economic direction featuring the representatives of the largest financial organizations. That's why a special attention at the forum was paid to the questions of financial sphere: one of the key events was the First International Forum on bankruptcy in the framework of the SPILF.

Elena Borisenko, the Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the "Petersburg International Law Forum" Fund marked that in 2017 the forum sets up an ambitious task--to create an association of key legal companies of Russia. The realization of the project will allow to unite the best legal companies which the Forum is ready to recommend to the wide range of recognized leaders in their branch.

Overall 111 arrangements of nine directions passed within the frame of business program. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Federal tax service, Vneshekonombank and the Agency for housing mortgage lending were represented, and among the speakers and participants were also the representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly service, the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of labor and social protection. Representatives of major financial and international organizations held their own sessions.

Speakers at the round table of "Economics and law--the importance of the rule of law for favorable business of life" spoke on the topic of principles and interpretation of the rule of law. Discussing the rule of law, they focused on the Russian legal system, especially its development in modern realities, mentioned both challenges and achievements in the industry. The subject of international sanctions was also touched in the context of the rule and law. According to Elena Borisenko, sanctions as such contradict the very idea of the rule of law. She noted that they "are without trial and completely arbitrary."

The Chairman of the constitutional court of Russia Valery Zorkin stated that Russian philosophy of the late 19th--early 20th centuries, considering the society from the positions of catholicity, and the unity of all humanity, can become the basis for the further development of legal thought.

In his opinion, the philosophy of law needs to combine the idea of abstract, impersonal formal legal equality with the early Christian idea of responsibility not only for themselves but also for others. "I hope that the achievements of Russian philosophy of law will be required for the development of the theory of global law, making us able to find a synthesis of individual freedom and social solidarity, which will be the basis for global consensus," Zorkin said.

In the course of the session of "Antimonopoly regulation of global economics: challenges for regional unions" the experts spoke about formats of regulation in jurisdictions of BRICS, EU, USA, Canada and other countries. They all agreed that the world had entered a new era of colonization and this time the colonizers are transnational corporations that antimonopolists around the world must be able to competently interact.

The director of the Institute of forensic expertises of Kutafin University (MSAL) Elena Rossinskaya performed the report titled "The correlation of the concepts of the expert initiative, creative approach to the production of forensic examinations and the requirements of scientific and technical progress: analysis and improvement of theoretical and organizational and legal aspects" at the discussion of the SPILF session of "Standardization of judicial expertise, expert initiative". In addition, the Presidential library hosted a discussion session on "the Institute of legal (attorney) translation: the use of international experience" theme within the framework of the VII St. Petersburg international legal forum. Elena Rossinskaya spoke at session with the report of "Translator as a competent person in the proceedings".

We should mark that the Forum once again confirmed its special status having collected the professionals of the highest class in the unique and inspiring working atmosphere. Seventh time the SPILF stayed faithful to its mission--to take significant steps to the optimization and modernization of law, and also seek a general legislative and human language for lawyers all over the world.

Olga A. Shevchenko (a, 1)

(a) Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Moscow, Russia



(1) Author

Doctor of Science (Law), Professor of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Moscow, Russia

9, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 125993
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Author:Shevchenko, Olga A.
Publication:Kutafin University Law Review
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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