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THE ROYAL CANADIAN Regiment has named former Governor General David Johnston as Colonel of the Regiment. (The PPCLI already has former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson as Colonel-in-Chief.)

LGen. Jean-Marc Lanthier has succeeded LGen. Paul Wynnik as Chief of the Army. General Lanthier has completed three tours in the former Yugoslavia, two in Afghanistan and another in Haiti. General Lanthier's command currently stands at 23,000 regulars, 19,000 reservists and 5,000 Canadian Rangers.

The Canadian War Museum is commemorating the centenary of the "Hundred Days" that ended the First World War. One hundred social media posts conclude on 26 October with an exhibit "Victory 1918--The Last 100 Days". This promises to be a great project--for details visit

China supposedly has developed a super-supersonic "wave rider" aircraft/ missile capable of 7,344 Kph. which is capable of evading existing air-defence systems. The name? Xing-Kong (Starry Sky) 2.

After seeing his picture in last month's magazine Edward demands more cat stories. "Oskar" was the Bismarck's ship's cat. When his vessel was sunk, he was rescued by HMS Cossac and renamed Sam. Cossac was sunk in the Mediterranean and Sam escaped to the Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal, which in turn was torpedoed by an Italian submarine. The cat was rescued by HMS Lightning and "Unsinkable Sam" retired to a life on shore.

LGen. Angus Campbell, head of the Australian Army, has issued a ban on "bloodthirsty" insignia on Aussie military equipment. Skull-and-crossbones, Spartan warriors, etc. are a no-no. Cute bunnies and koalas are O.K. (If the 17/21 Lancers were Australians they'd be without a cap badge!)

Les Peate is a Korean War veteran and author based in Ottawa. If you have news you'd like included, write to

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Caption: New Commander of the Canadian Army LGen Jean-Marc Lanthier CMM, MSC, MSM, CD was appointed in July, succeeding LGen Paul Wynnik (

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