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Lights-camera-action Life's a beach Picture perfect Today Marden students are involved in BBC Newsday and once again we are the hub for five other Northern schools. This entails organising everyone's news feeds and updates. Mark Tulip, sports reporter from Look North, will be joining us to help the Year 8 students present the news as it occurs. This day provides them with an invaluable opportunity to learn about journalism and how to work under pressure. It helps students develop skills in researching, presenting and editing. Students will also be making a live radio broadcast with BBC Radio Newcastle on the day.

By Steph Lillie Year 11 Media students have recently been given the opportunity to work on projects for local companies and schools. They filmed Monkhouse School's production of "Joseph" and sold copies of the DVD to support local charities. One group captured an archaeological dig at Northumberland Park. Those visiting Seat on Delaval Hall produced an eerily dramat ic version of the Legend of the White Lady as part of a tourist promotion video. One of the students commented that he enjoyed this independent work which allowed him to be experimental and creative.

By Ryan Blakey Dragons' den Media for fitness As part of a joint enterprise between EBP and the North Tyneside Business Forum, Year 10 students at Marden were invited to film local entrepreneurs at work. Having edited their footage, they presented their films at The Village Hotel alongside members of the local business community. To top it all, the Mayor of North Tyneside, in her final summation, commented on how impressed she was with our students who she said had given an outstanding presentation, one of the best of the night.

By Ross Butcher The PE Department at Marden utilises digital technology to help students improve their performance. Digital cameras are used to record performance and then recordings can be watched back and analysed to help to improve the skills of the participants. The feedback given by observers is beneficial because it is immediate and visual for the performer. This approach has also been successful in team games where an individual can be tracked throughout a match. Students have commented on the success of this and believe it has impacted favourably on their performance. By Claire Robinson Nifty fifty party Sporting chance SUPER LEARNING DAY: Year 7 take snaps at the beach 2012 is Marden's Golden Jubilee year and the school will be welcoming past students and staff to celebrate. An exhibition of films and photographs of Marden throughout the years will be held in Marden CLC and the student committee is busy organising a community garden party for 15 July. This will be open to past-students and will provide them with an opportunity to meet old school friends, and relive their time at Marden while enjoying a fun-filled day of memories, music and games. By Jess Clark At Marden we like to make our learning fun so Mrs Bloomfield has organised Super Learning Days for Key Stage 3 students. Year 7's introduction to "Super Learning Day" began mysteriously with a whispering campaign in which they had to solve clues on the enquiry question:"What makes the Coast special?" Students were then able to choose from three different areas of interest and participated in special workshops on the day. The Creative Arts group wrote and sang songs about the sea as well as creating sandcastle designs on the beach whereas the Media group developed their film and photography skills. The Science and Maths group had a fun time at the Blue Reef Aquarium learning about local wildlife and creating Top Trump cards. Chris Robson, a Year 7 student, had a thoroughly enjoyable time. He said: "I learned just how special the coast is to all life and I do not think any lesson could have taught me this in a more interesting fashion." Year 8 students will be participating in their own STEM Super Learning Day next week based on the theme of "Motion".

CHARITY RUN: On your marks!

By Alice Neale and Chris Robson Up to scratch Ipads in maths Year 8 students recently experienced two exciting days of designing and building computer games in the CLC using the software Scratch. The Game On event encouraged students to work independently by taking responsibility for their design. One of the activities involved creating a helicopter which needed to follow a specific path. They then progressed onto packaging and marketing this product. Groups had to present their ideas to highlight their product's growth and suggest areas of possible improvement. On 10 February, Marden High School held a fundraising, non-uniform day to raise money to buy a Petra Race Runner for Year 7 student Elliot Caswell. This piece of equipment will allow Elliot much easier access to outdoor PE lessons. The initial target was set at pounds 1800 but staff and students surpassed this with their tremendous efforts. The Boys' PE Department organised a "Big Bad Bleep" and Wii Fit Challenge; students remained silent for the day; a Year 7 form held a talent competition; Mr Hiscock, Head of Year 7, dressed up as an Hawaiian dancer and Mr Morris, our Headteacher, completed a 5 mile challenge with Elliot's father and two year 10 students, Morgan Lee and Emma Stocks. In total, over pounds 3000 was raised. MrsPeters, who co-ordinated the events, said: "It was a great success. The generosity of the pupils in this school is second to none." So far this year, Marden students and staff have raised over pounds 5000 for charity.

The Maths Department has been pioneering the use of iPads in the classroom environment. This new equipment has enabled staff to deliver the curriculum and improve learning through the use of modern technology and applications. Mr Dodds, a member of the Maths department, is thrilled to be given the opportunity to take teaching to a whole new level. He commented: "The rapid development of applications ensures that this agile technology is not a future dream but very much part of our educational present." By Holly Stephenson and Joe Lawrence By Hannah Bayes and Holly Pitches By Sarah Cudworh
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 15, 2012
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