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Artist--Dostree Dorion

Song--Soul Back Jack

Album--Soul Back Jack


A recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press noted that Desiree Dorion is a lawyer.

Whether her legal expertise helped in the making of this album is uncertain, but the question put forth is: can this lawyer sing? Not only can Ms. Dorion sing but she receives writing credits for all songs but one.

This spirited release is bright, lively and even a little gritty as Desirees voice has a bit of that Tanya Tucker swagger to it. One of the great things about the album is that you can listen to it from beginning to end and not find any song that was included just to fill the CD. Every song stands on its own. Desiree's brand of country can rock you and this CD does, right out of the gate, with the title track "Soul Back Jack". What makes music good and exciting is passion and Desiree sings with the conviction of her own passion towards the art of music. A very satisfying album from beginning to end. Every song has catchy melodies and good musicianship. Desiree can reach into your musical soul and sing to you as many artists with much more experience still struggle to do.


Review by: K. Kanten

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Title Annotation:Soul Back Jack album by Dostree Dorion
Author:Kanten, K.
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Oct 1, 2010
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