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OUR HELL IN PARADISE; Families' terror as Irish Leaving Cert yobs go on the rampage Vomiting and urinating in pool Binge-drinking 24 hours a day Abusing people with lewd conduct Vandalising hotel property.


WILD Leaving Cert students ripped seatbelts and lifejackets off a plane on their way to a week-long orgy of violence in Crete, it emerged last night.

The young thugs - mainly from posh areas of South Dublin - have joined more than 170 teenagers causing mayhem in the Lyda Beach Apartments on the resort of Gouves.

Terrorised mum Adrienne O'Neill, from Greenhills in Dublin's Tallaght, told the Irish Daily Mirror yesterday how her dream holiday has turned into a nightmare with boozy teenagers running riot.

She said: "In total there are 175 Leaving Cert students going wild and they are all from the south side of Dublin, such as Dundrum, Dalkey, Foxrock and Monkstown.

"The ringleader was even heard telling everyone he was going to Trinity College next month." The boozy brats are accused of:

VOMITING and urinating all over the grounds

DUMPING glass and cigarette butts in the pool

BINGE-DRINKING and partying loud 24 hours a day

ABUSING fellow holidaymakers with bad language and lewd conduct

STEALING seatbelts and lifejackets from a plane

TERRORISING children by playing rugby on balconies, and

VANDALISING the property and smashed up all the deck chairs and boogie boards.

Property manager Ms O'Neill - who headed off with her son Adam, eight, her friend Olga Cullen and seven-year-old son Leon - said: "The students are puking and urinating in the pool, throwing broken glass and cigarette butts in the pool.

"They smashed all the boogie boards and deck chairs to bits.

I haven't slept in four days because of the noise. I'm afraid to go to the beach for fear of sleeping and I can't because I have to watch my child.

"Twenty more of them arrived yesterday. It's mayhem.

"They stole seatbelts and lifejackets from the plane. They were all searched.

"But this morning there was one girl who was wearing the life vest in the pool this morning, blatantly showing off.

"They have intimidated the rest of the guests and one teenager had to be pulled away from a woman who asked them to be quiet.

"He looked like he was going to punch her. It's unacceptable. We complained to the Budget Travel rep but he can't control them."

Rebecca Rogers, 17, from Tallaght, was hoping for a quiet holiday with her mum Marie.

She said: "We were staying in the Lyda Beach Apartments for the first week and we were having a lovely time until they all came.

"I haven't stopped crying because I can't sleep with the noise.

"We asked to be moved so we are now in the Lyda Apartments but we have been moved to where two of the groups have been evicted to.

"Places like Tallaght and Finglas have a bad reputation but this is the worst I have ever seen. These are privileged kids acting like animals."

More than 50 Irish guests staying in the apartments were forced to take matters into their hands yesterday and contact Liveline to spill the beans on the wild teens. Mrs O'Neill added: "I was videotaping them last night for evidence.

"The ringleader charged up to me and said if I didn't give the tape to him he was going to come back and smash me and the camera up.

"When I replied there was no way he was going to touch me or my family he boasted of his father's occupation and said, 'You can't do anything to me'."

A spokesman for Budget Travel confirmed to the Irish Daily Mirror last night they had reports of bad behaviour in the resort.

Clem Walsh said: "We have put extra security into the resort and have issued written warnings to those involved.

"We cannot be held responsible for clients' behaviour but we are doing everything in our power to rectify the situation."

Budget Travel added it will get the Greek authorities involved and adopt a "zero-tolerance" policy if the disruption continues.

Other places have a bad rep but this is the worst I've ever seen they are privileged kids acting like animals



RESORT Lyda Beach Apartments in Gouves, Crete
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 19, 2008
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