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CHICKEN breeder Gillian Stone was left shell-shocked when an emu egg she bought as a "luxury food item" hatched.

Gillian, 47, and fiance Robert Schifreen purchased three of the large green pounds 10 delicacies on the Isle of Wight in March and popped them into an incubator to see what might happen. Two were duds but the third hatched after 52 days. The chick, named Osborne, is now thriving and could grow to more than 6ft and run at 30mph.

Gillian, of Bexhill, East Sussex, who plans to move Osborne to a smallholding, said: "It's a real little belter and has loads of strength." Emus are native to Australia and second only to ostriches in size.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 6, 2008
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