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OUEEN OF SLEAZE; Blonde vice boss brags of her royal connections She'll dance dirty with one of her girls for pounds 60 Her chaplain brother preaches to the Queen.


THE sister of the Queen's Chaplain can today be revealed as a boss of a sleazy sex empire.

Deborah McLachlan- Moffat, 52, who boasts about her royal connections, runs a secret brothel in the heart of Edinburgh.

The long-haired blonde and her stable of girls were at work at the discreet club last week when Sunday Mail investigators joined the regulars, many dressed in suits.

For pounds 60, McLachlan-Moffat and one of her working girls will perform a no-holds-barred two-woman strip show before offering sex for sale.

For pounds 75, her younger colleagues offer a range of "extras". Her girls, including an Italian and a Greek, offer sordid sexual services in a hidden bedroom. McLachlan-Moffat also runs a pounds 120-a-night escort agency from the premises, aimed at travelling business executives.

The girls go to some of the capital's top hotels for private striptease and sex sessions.

Her tawdry den of sleaze is a far cry from the sometime workplace of her brother, Father George Moffat, who preaches to the Queen at St James's Palace in London. Her brother, who is the rector of Manningham Parish in Bradford, was appointed Queen's Chaplain last year.

He was promoted after his acclaimed work with the under-privileged, including prostitutes who once entertained punters in the grounds of his inner-city church.

The Church of England priest is on a rota of 36 hand-picked clergymen who take it in turns to preach to the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, usually at the chapel of St James's Palace.

McLachlan-Moffat is herself a well-known face in Edinburgh society. A lap-dancer, who used to work with McLachlan-Moffat, said: "Some say she takes the old cliche about Edinburgh toffs being all fur coat and no knickers a little too literally."

Fr Moffat's diocese and bishop were delighted with his appointment as Queen's Chaplain. But they knew nothing of his sister's secret life as an ageing stripper and head of a sex empire.

The Mail's revelation is likely to be a major embarrassment to Fr Moffat and his bosses in the Church of England. And the scandal is sure to rock his Royal flock.

McLachlan-Moffat tries to keep her business a secret. There are no signs outside her premises in Blenheim Place announcing the services on offer inside. She doesn't advertise and her telephone listing is ex-directory.

From the outside, her elegant apartment would pass as the offices of a legal firm or architect's practice. It is next door to a youth hostel, popular with young travellers from around the world. But her business is thriving thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations among Edinburgh sauna customers.

Her clients at the elegant club include lawyers and wealthy businessmen.

Our investigator witnessed a string of well-heeled men entering the sex den last week. When we rang the doorbell, a young Asian girl answered wearing a see-through negligee.

She showed our reporter into a kitchen and asked him to wait a couple of minutes.

A short time later he was shown into a lounge by the young girl, where McLachlan-Moffat was waiting. The room was sparsely furnished and all the shutters were drawn.

McLachlan-Moffat was wearing skimpy underwear and smelling of perfume.

The Chaplain's sister - tanned and heavily made-up - spoke to our reporter in a strange, whispering voice.

She said that for pounds 60 she and her colleague would do an erotic strip tease. The Asian girl then offered a range of "extras" - too disgusting to list in a family newspaper - for up to pounds 75.

Our reporter asked McLachlan-Moffat how much she charged for "extras". But she replied: "I only do it with lovers and friends."

Our investigator made his excuses and left. As he left, McLachlan-Moffat gave him her business card and told him to come back soon.

She told him that a Greek girl and a "tall blonde" would be working in the club in the next two days.

McLachlan-Moffat appears to be living well from the proceeds of her sex business. She lives in a fashionable flat in the sought-after New Town area of Edinburgh and drives a Mercedes coupe with private plates.

She is also a well-known face in Edinburgh social circles. She was recently photographed at the opening of the new Scotsman Hotel, mixing with Edinburgh celebrities, including killer-turned-author Hugh Collins.

Scotsman news-paper publisher Andrew Neil, former Tory MP Gerry Malone and Edinburgh Lord Provost Eric Milligan were also spotted at the event.

McLachlan-Moffat's former colleague said: "She boasts about her brother being the Queen's Chaplain.

"And she talks about how it would be funny if the Queen found out what the priest's sister did for a living.

"She is very brazen about what she does and really full of herself.

"She has been a lapdancer for years and still has a fantastic body. But now she has moved on to being the boss."

At the time of her brother's appointment as Queen's Chaplain, he said: "I'm greatly honoured by this. It's a very positive use of the established Church, as it enables the Monarch to be in touch with issues in her Church at a basic parish level."

A woman, who answered to the name Deborah, contacted on Deborah McLachlan- Moffat's mobile phone, last night said: "I think you've got the wrong person actually, but thanks for calling anyway." She then hung up.

Fr Moffat was unavailable for comment.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 2, 2001
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