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OU Medicine neurosurgeon uses new stent on aneurysms.

Byline: Journal Record Staff

OKLAHOMA CITY OU Medicine neurosurgeons are using a new medical device to prevent aneurysm rupture and recurrence without major surgery opening a patient's skull.

Neurosurgeon Bradley Bohnstedt has been using the Surpass Streamline Stent to divert the flow of blood away from an aneurysm, which greatly decreases its potential for rupture. The procedure is minimally invasive via a catheter, the stent is inserted into a blood vessel near the groin, then Bohnstedt directs it all the way up to the aneurysm in the brain.

OU Medicine was the first in Oklahoma to place the Surpass Stent in a patient. The advantage of the device is that it is designed to treat larger aneurysms in more areas of the brain. The technology is called "flow diversion" for its ability to route blood away from the aneurysm.

"By diverting the flow of blood away from the aneurysm, it reduces the stress on the wall of the aneurysm and allows it to heal and shrink," Bohnstedt said. "In six months to a year, the aneurysm takes on the normal shape of the blood vessel."

Because of readily available imaging techniques, physicians are finding more aneurysms today than ever before. Some aneurysms are small and never need to be treated, Bohnstedt said, but others are risky to the patient.

"It's important when we identify aneurysms that we stratify their risk for rupture to determine which ones need to be treated," he said. "Then we want to treat them sooner rather than later."

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Publication:Journal Record (Oklahoma City, OK)
Date:Mar 26, 2019
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