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OTR: OFF THE RECORD; Shock soap scenes are cut Tamzin too sexy for TV.

TAMZIN Outhwaite was ordered to tone down steamy love scenes in EastEnders because producers felt they were too realistic for family viewing.

The Albert Square beauty has revealed she decided to put her all into the scenes when her character, Melanie Beale, was seduced by Dirty Dan Sullivan, played by Craig Fairbrass, in last night's episode.

But viewers were only shown a censored version. A series of takes proved too hot for a pre-watershed broadcast and had to be left on the cutting room floor.

Melanie was the latest in a line of conquests for Dan, who previously bedded Bianca and her mum Carol.

The 27-year old actress, who is engaged to Glaswegian film-maker Marty Benson, claimed she was only following orders by getting into a passionate kissing session .

Tamzin admitted: "I was told that this was to be a scene in which I really wanted Dan and that it should be full on but because it was before the watershed they thought it was too much."

An EastEnders spokeswoman admitted Tamzin and Fairbrass were forced to reshoot.

She said: "They were told to really go for it but they went for it a little too much. The producer told them to tone it down. It just had to be censored."

Last night, another source added: "Tamzin didn't hold back. She looked as though she was really enjoying her love scene with Craig.

"If anyone had unwittingly walked on set, they might have thought they were at it for real but, of course, she's a great actress.

"She was told to cool it because EastEnders is a family programme and goes out before the watershed. "

The decision to keep it clean in Albert Square followed last month's criticism by broadcasting watchdogs over a storyline involving a stag and hen weekend in Amsterdam.

The Broadcasting Standards Commission upheld viewers' complaints, saying the show had gone "beyond acceptable boundaries" in December when Melanie was challenged to kiss men from six countries and the lads ended up in the Dutch city's red light district.

In past episodes, Melanie has bedded evil nightclub owner Steve Owen, played by Martin Kemp, and ditched Ian Beale hours after a Millennium wedding.

Bad news: your dad's Lemmy A "BORING" computer buff is set for the shock of a lifetime - when he finds out his dad is Motorhead wildman Lemmy.

The rocker was just 18 when his girlfriend got pregnant and put the baby up for adoption. Now the Ace of Spades star wants to get in touch.

Lemmy said yesterday: "Apparently he's five-foot tall, looks exactly like me but he's completely straight and completely boring.

"He's a computer programmer or something like that in the north of England, I think it's Barnsley - somewhere dull anyway.

"My ex, Cathy, didn't have the nerve to tell him I was his father. He will probably be out on the balcony with a pistol.

"I really want to meet him, I'd love to, but only if he knows exactly who I am and what I've done in my life."

Lemmy only found out he had another son recently - when his ex got in touch. Cathy, who had the baby aged just 15, told Lemmy she had tracked down her child and offered to put them in touch.

Lemmy insists he's a good dad - keeping close ties with his other son, producer Paul, 33.


Ewan McGregor's passion for baring all for the camera has reachedcosmic proportions. The star of Trainspotting wants to do nude scenes in the new Star Wars movie.

The actor is well known for exposing his nether regions in nearly all of his films and he confesses he is happy to let it all hang out in the family flick - but only if director George Lucas will let him.

He admits: "I'll do the full monty but only if I can get away with it."

Leilani's double trouble

SINGER Leilani faced a boycott from her young fans' parents after they mistook her for a topless model who shares her name.

The singer's record company ZTT was bombarded with calls accusing Leilani of setting a bad example because of her namesake, a 20-year-old from Bournemouth.

And teen magazines threatened to stop promoting Leilani's records, said the singer's spokeswoman, Sue Harris.

Irish-Maltese singer Leilani, who has toured with Boyzone and Westlife and charted with singles Curly Wurly and Do You Want Me, added: "The only time I've bared anything for the Press was when by boobs popped out by mistake."

The 19-year-old's new single, Flying Elvis, is released next month.

The accent's on the music

SCOTS rockers Travis are winning America over with their music - even though the Yanks can't understand a word they say.

The band are supporting Oasis on their US tour, which continued in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

They are going down a storm but lead singer Fran Healy admits: "The other night in Portland I was talking before this song and there was this guy in the crowd who started shouting, 'Speak in American'.

"I had to introduce the whole song in an American accent. They understood it then."l MICHAEL Caine has been made chairman of Moonstone, the Scots version of Robert Redford's Sundance film institute.

He will head an artistic advisory panel for the organisation set up by Scots writer and producer John McGrath.

The panel will seek out experienced writers and film-makers to advise new starters.

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