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OTA: highways need repair, not expansion.

Hauling refrigerators from one side of New York City to the other can take more effort than sending them across the ocean. Airline travelers often spend more time getting to and from airports than in flight. Such is the sad state of the U.S. transportation system, concludes the congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in a report released last month.

OTA faults the decades-old federal policy that has focused on the construction of interstate highways, charging that it failed to keep up with the changing needs of society. Instead, the report suggests four options for Congress to consider, and it recommends improving highway maintenance and rehabilitation programs, working to make rural areas more accessible and urban areas less congested, and creating more efficient, less polluting transportation methods.

The report, titled "Moving Ahead: 1991 Surface Transportation Legislation," cites a need for more research and calls for closer ties between transportation and environmental administrators and between state and federal officials.
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Title Annotation:Office of Technology Assessment report
Publication:Science News
Date:Jul 20, 1991
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