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OT student rep, Karan Vyas, discusses OT's online video skills guides.


OVER THE last few OT rep recommends columns, I have highlighted resources which primarily focus on aids which enhance the theoretical side of the optometry degree. Therefore, this month's recommended resource is something which will help undergraduates with the practical side of the optometry programme.

Having just completed many practical exams myself in the last week, one of the best resources I came across when I was preparing was a series of video skills guides produced by OT. With an archive dating back to 2011, they were established by the University of Bradford's Dr Matthew Cufflin when he worked for the journal.

The videos provide very good summaries of clinical skills and techniques, and cover the essential theoretical principles behind them.

The videos are available via the OT website ( and its YouTube channel ( Covering a wide range of topics, the OT skills guide videos are a great tool in the revision of clinical skills, especially just before practical examinations.

Each subject is explained by highly respected optometrists from across the country. They go through key aspects of each test, the principles behind it, and cover how to record and interpret the results.

One of the most useful videos I found was the one on fusional range. Having not performed this test in some time, the video was a valuable revision tool for me as I prepared for my practical exams.

Overall, the OT skills guides are a fantastic resource which will become an essential part of any student's revision before the many practical exams they take throughout the duration of their university life.

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Date:Feb 7, 2015
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