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Produced Water Absorbents, Inc.(PWA) and Pride of the Hills Manufacturing Inc. (PHMI), both from Ohio, USA, have demonstrated the ability of Osorb media technology to be regenerated after the conditioning of natural gas streams to lower the hydrocarbon dew point.

Osorb is a regenerable granular media which removes free, dispersed, emulsified and soluble hydrocarbons and oilfield chemicals from water in both on and offshore applications. The media has a high affinity for organic compounds and no affinity for water. For the conditioning of natural gas streams, Osorb has demonstrated the ability to capture heavier hydrocarbon components, thus lowering the dew point caused by those components as well as reducing the Wobbe Index, or heating value, of the stream.

Following a number of tests over the past 12 months, both companies have been working together to devise a custom built pressure vessel to retain Osorb while passing natural gas streams through the Osorb media bed in order to lower the hydrocarbon dew point of the gas stream effluent. For control instruments on well sites a lower hydrocarbon dew point is important, as pressure from slip streams off the natural gas production lines is used to operate those controls on many locations throughout the industry. Heavier hydrocarbons frequently fall out during these control operations and accumulate on the petrochemical diaphragm, causing maintenance issues and related down time resulting in loss of revenue.

For production scenarios, which are larger scale applications, the treatment of the full natural gas stream may enable some operators to sell refined or better quality natural gas to a lower pressure transmission line, thus increasing overall oil, condensate, or gas production.

Early tests confirmed that Osorb could be fully regenerated with heat application and a nitrogen purge for hydrocarbon dew point reduction operations.

In July 2013, during further field tests at the Smith/Slater well pad test site in Hebron, Ohio, PWA and PHMI achieved appropriate temperatures in the Osorb media bed, which allowed for heavier components to desorb from the media and exit with the nitrogen purge. These heavier hydrocarbons, along with the lighter hydrocarbons such as pentane and hexane, were condensed in a series of drips upon exiting with the nitrogen purge.

Additional upgrades are being engineered for further regeneration and repeated capture / regeneration cycles. Once achieved, PWA and PHMI plan on implementing a bespoke system for larger scale applications and producing an efficient system for field use.

As a versatile media, Osorb can be applied in a vessel canister or injected into the flow stream, then recovered and reused. Results are instantaneous and there is no significant loss of performance after multiple capture and regeneration cycles. As a result, it is an ideal tool for cost-efficient and highly effective water treatment and natural gas conditioning.

About Produced Water Absorbents, Inc (PWA)

Produced Water Absorbents, Inc (PWA)is a global oil and gas technology company with headquarters in Wooster, Ohio, USA. It provides produced water treatment systems and solutions to the oil and gas industry and currently employs 13 staff.

The foundation of PWA's technology offering is a regenerable absorption and adsorption media used for the management of oil and gas waste water streams. This media, called Osorb, has the ability to remove free, dispersed, emulsified and soluble hydrocarbons (BTEX, WSOs, etc) from oilfield water and gas streams.

As part of its global business development plan, PWA aims to extend its reach beyond North America and Europe, to the Far East, Australia and the Middle East. For further information visit,

Since 1973, Pride of the Hills Manufacturing Inc. (PHMI), has been developing newer, safer and cost effective ways in producing oil and natural gas. Their manufacturing facilities are head quartered in Big Prairie, Ohio and currently employ 160 staff.

PHMI is a manufacturer of horizontal or vertical heated or not heated two and three phase gas production units. It also provides hydrogen sulphide management equipment, positive shut off and filter drips, desiccant drier vessels, sand separators and pig launchers or receivers. All pressure vessels are designed and manufactured to ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessel Code with plumbing to ASME B31.3.

PHMI and sister company Grace Automation provide sales and service for production, mid-stream and distribution. Equipment for natural gas transportation as well as technological monitoring equipment for gas measurement.

For more information, visit or call 330/567-3108.
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