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OSGi Alliance Approves OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core and Compendium Version 4.2 for Public Release.

Newest version includes Blueprint Container specification

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- The OSGi(TM) Alliance has approved and published the Core Specification Version 4.2 and Service Compendium Version 4.2 of the OSGi Service Platform Release 4. It is now available for free download at The newest core and compendium specifications make it easier for developers to implement and use OSGi technology.

The OSGi Service Platform delivers the dynamic module system for Java[TM] to providers and their customers, modularizing and componentizing the Java platform and allowing applications to be adapted remotely and in real time.

"Release 4 Version 4.2 is built upon 10 years of dynamic modularity proven in and driven by developer and market needs," said Stan Moyer, president of the OSGi Alliance. "The core and compendium updates and features directly increase the flexibility and ease of deploying OSGi technology, from expanded remote services to permissions management and blueprint containers with proxies services."

The core and compendium 4.2 specification documents are now available for download at Features included in the specifications are:


* framework launching standardized among frameworks, enabling generic launching and embedded frameworks in applications;

* enhanced permission management provides the ability to deny as well as allow permissions, and increases ease-of-use for the developer;

* service hooks intercept references and delivery with FindHook and EventHook and discover users with ListenerHook, and make usage scenarios such as proxying an OSGi service easier to implement;

* bundle tracker now tracks a set of states to handle concurrency issues;


* Blueprint Container service uses XML definitions in a bundle to create and wire application objects, and defines a dependency injection framework - specifically for OSGi bundles - that understands the unique dynamic nature of services; it provides an OSGi bundle programming model with minimal implementation dependencies and virtually no accidental complexity in the Java code;

* Remote Services allows services to be registered and used across multiple Java virtual machines;

* Declarative Services update.

Enterprise and Residential Expert Groups in the OSGi Alliance will announce enterprise and residential versions of Release 4 Version 4.2 tailored to those two markets within the next year.

OSGi technology is a component integration platform with a service-oriented architecture and lifecycle capabilities that enable dynamic delivery of services. OSGi technology is shipping in millions of units worldwide, and is deployed by Fortune 100 companies in embedded, desktop, enterprise and mobile markets.

OSGi Alliance members develop and facilitate the deployment of OSGi specifications, which serve as the platform for universal middleware in server and embedded environments. Deployment of the open standard greatly increases the value of a wide range of computers and devices that use the Java platform.

About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2009, is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to assure interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform. The alliance provides specifications, reference implementations, test suites and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem. OSGi technology is delivered in many Fortune Global 100 company products and services. Member companies collaborate within an egalitarian, equitable and transparent environment and promote adoption of OSGi technology through business benefits, user experiences and forums. For more information on the non-profit technology corporation, visit

OSGi is a trademark or registered trademark of the OSGi Alliance in the United States, other countries, or both. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 24, 2009
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