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 SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Software Foundation today announced the pricing structure for the OSF Distributed Management Environment's (DME) Distributed Services.
 The DME Distributed Services consist of Software Distribution Service (SDS), Print Management Service (PRS), License Management Service (LMS), Event Service (EVS), Subsystem Management Service (SMS), and PC Services (PCS). These services, scheduled for release later this year, provide specific management solutions for a distributed environment.
 "Vendors have been eager to obtain pricing information on Distributed Services to aid them in their strategic planning," said Peter Shaw, director for DME. "Early reports from snapshot licensees for deploying these technologies are very positive."
 The pricing and packaging for the Distributed Services follow the model set for OSF's Distributed Computing Environment technology and will build on these established practices. The options and fees are listed below.
 -- Distributed Services are being packaged together for a single
 source code fee, to encourage widespread adoption.
 -- Source code distribution is available in two forms:
 "Full distribution license" allows use of DME
 Services in implementations for commercial shipment of binary
 (object code executable) copies
 "Limited distribution license" allows use of DME Services for
 in-house development.
 -- Object code pricing and packaging has two categories:
 Object code for all client-side technologies are packaged
 together for one "per copy" price, with an annual paid-up option
 also available for high volume deployment
 Individual pricing for server-side technology will allow for
 flexible deployment.
 Software Source Code Fees for Commercial Educational
 DME Distributed Services Licenses Licenses
 Full Distribution Rights
 -- Initial CPU Source License
 (3 copies) $250,000 NA
 -- Addtl. CPU Source License
 (royalty copy) $5,000 NA
 -- Additional CPU Source License
 (royalty copy/OSF ships) $6,000 NA
 Limited Distribution Rights
 -- Initial CPU Source License $25,000 NA
 -- Addtl. CPU Source License
 (royalty copy) $5,000 NA
 -- Additional CPU Source License
 (royalty copy/OSF ships) $6,000 NA
 -- Upgrade to Full Distribution Rights $250,000 NA
 University Site License NA $5,000
 Upgrade to Commercial Site License $90,000 NA
 Object Code Fees -- Option A
 OSF DME Distributed Services Executive (Client side)
 Level Number of copies used or distributed
 A 1-20,000 $25.00/copy
 B 20,001-and above $500,000(a)
 (a) For annual paid-up option.
 OSF DME Distributed Services (Server side) Price per Copy
 License Management Service (LMS) $400
 Event Management Service (EVS) $300
 Print Service (PRS) $300
 Software Distribution Service (SDS) $250
 Subsystem Management Service (SMS) $50
 Personal Computer Service (PCS) $50
 Total number of Services
 Volume copies used or distributed Volume
 Level during an Ordering Period Discount
 E 1-500 0 pct
 F 501-5,000 10 pct
 G 5,001-20,000 35 pct
 H 20,001-40,000 50 pct
 I 40,001-and above 60 pct
 Note: All Services are aggregated for the Ordering Period. A Commercial or University site is a geographically contiguous area with a single mailing address.
 OSF is targeting the availability of these services for the fourth quarter of 1993, with the exception of the print management service, which is slated for Q2 1994. Most of the development work done by OSF and its subcontractors over the past year has dealt with integrating the DME Distributed Services with the DCE technology. The technologies are now undergoing final system testing at OSF. The Distributed Services are the first of a two-part offering, with the latter phase being the management framework currently under development.
 DME provides a common management platform that protects existing solutions while affording a migration path to emerging technologies. The distributed services meet basic administrative needs and are built to run on DCE, regardless of the manufacturer or system software.
 The Open Software Foundation is a not-for-profit research and development organization with the objective of enabling business users of information technology to exploit that technology to fundamentally change and improve the way they do business. OSF supplies software to make information technology easier to learn and easier to use, while enabling various vendors equipment to work together, and information and applications to be accessed and shared across distributed, open computing environments. OSF has created a coalition of vendors and users working together, using an innovative open process, to find and implement the best, most relevant technologies from organizations throughout the world. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., the OSF has over 350 members and 300 employees worldwide.
 NOTE: OSF and Open Software Foundation are trademarks of the Open Software Foundation, Inc.
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