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THE O.S.A.A. LAME DUCKS debuted their new jerseys today against the General Officers and Flag Officers (GOFOs) of DND, also sporting new jerseys, in a hockey game that almost didn't take place because of a schedule screw-up. The game was supposed to be a full game from 1400-1600 hours but on arrival, players were told that their game started at 1330 hrs. and had to be done by 1420 hrs. This meant that the red carpet had to be rolled up and taken away, the Colour Party was dismissed, the Central Band musicians sent home, and the ceremonial puck drop was dispensed with. Needless to say, when the puck was dropped shortly after 1330 hrs. both teams were short a few players who had yet to appeared.

As the game started it was clear that the GOFOs were in total command, taking advantage of the recent postings out of some of the more experienced Lame Duck players (most notably Starkov of Russia and Yoon of Korea) and the addition of new, less experienced players. The GOFOs potted a quick goal before the game clock had a chance to get started and then a second at 19:09 of the first period giving them a 2-0 lead. After getting a third and feeling pretty good about their play, the GOFOs let off some of the pressure which allowed the Ducks to come back with a goal of their own to end the first period. In the second period the play continued on with the Ducks giving the new players lots of ice time and the GOFOs dominating but keeping the play fair. Unfortunately, the screw-up with the original schedule caught up with the players and the game was called at 07:40 of the second period because the zamboni was coming out to clean the ice.

At the reception, Col. Rob Worsham (USA) gave the floor to MGen. Sylvain Sirois who awarded game pucks to the Lame Ducks players for which this was their last game (Peru, Australia, and Columbia) with a hearty round of applause to each. MVPs from each side also got game pucks and then it was back to pizza and wings.

Caption: ABOVE: The Ottawa Service Attaches Association plays a friendly game against the General Officers and Flag Officers of the OAF. (RICHARD LAWRENCE)

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Title Annotation:IN THE NEWS
Author:Lawrence, Richard
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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