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 PHOENIX, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- OrthoLogic(R) (NASDAQ-NMS: OLGC), a developer of technologically advanced orthopaedic trauma products, announced today that it has signed product development agreements with Quest Medical Product Development Limited Partnership and CyberLogic Inc. Based on OrthoLogic's initial capital investments in both companies, Quest and CyberLogic will work closely with OrthoLogic to develop new orthopaedic trauma products to be manufactured and marketed by OrthoLogic. OrthoLogic will hold a 5 percent equity interest in CyberLogic and a 10 percent equity interest in Quest.
 "These alliances will extend OrthoLogic's resources to include some of the leading experts in development of orthopaedic trauma products, and provide the company with access to the next generation of biophysical tissue healing technologies," said Allan Weinstein, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of OrthoLogic. "At the same time, it will allow us to broaden our future product opportunities and assist us in bringing new products to market rapidly."
 CyberLogic Inc., located in New York, will provide OrthoLogic with exclusive research and product development services relating to the design, development and testing of biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic devices for use in medical applications that relate to bone, cartilage, ligaments or tendons. Under the agreement, OrthoLogic will provide ongoing funding for product development conducted in this area for five years.
 In addition, CyberLogic has assigned a patent, scheduled to issue shortly, to OrthoLogic. The patent covers methods for ultrasonic bone assessment by non-invasively and quantitatively evaluating the status of bone tissue in vivo through measurement of bone mineral density, strength and fracture risk.
 CyberLogic Inc. is headed by Jonathan J. Kaufman, Ph.D., who serves as president. Kaufman, who received his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, has conducted extensive academic research at Mount Sinai Medical Center and has served as a development consultant to numerous companies in the orthopaedic industry. He has published more than 40 articles and abstracts during his career, and has served as Assistant Professor of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, at CUNY, New York, since 1989.
 Professor Alessandro Chiabrera, vice president of CyberLogic, is considered to be one of the world's leading biophysicists, specializing in electromagnetic and acoustic biophysical cell stimulation. He has served as a full professor in the Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Genoa in Genoa, Italy, since 1984. A member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Bioelectrical Repair and Growth Society, Professor Chiabrera has published more than 190 articles, and has written and edited four books over his career.
 Professor Chiabrera has also been the Italian Representative of the European Community Research Effort on Molecular Electronics since 1988, and was a founding member of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association.
 Quest Medical Product Development Corp. is headquartered in Phoenix adjacent to OrthoLogic's facilities. Quest focuses on product development related to orthopaedic implants and devices, and will provide OrthoLogic with related services, including device design, engineering and production of prototypes.
 The company is headed by Ronald A. Yapp, president and chief executive officer. He has held a number of positions in the field of orthopaedics, most recently as director of Spine Product R&D at Codman and Shurtleff in Massachusetts. From 1981 to 1985, Yapp served as manager of Orthopedic Product Development at Carbomedics/Intermedics Orthopedics in Austin, Texas.
 Thomas P. Murray, vice president of Operations at Quest, is a specialist in orthopaedic prototype fabrication. He has extensive experience in the design and building of prosthetic devices and surgical instruments using advanced graphite, boron, Kevlar and glass. He has served in senior positions in these areas at Harrington Arthritis Research Center in Phoenix and Intermedics Orthopaedics Inc., Dublin, Calif.
 OrthoLogic Corp. is a developer of technologically advanced orthopaedic trauma products that enhance healing of musculoskeletal tissues. The company, founded in 1987, completed its initial public offering (IPO) in January 1993 and is headquartered in Phoenix.
 OrthoLogic is a registered trademark of OrthoLogic Corp.
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