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ORS-Cubic Ultrastable Laser and FC1500-250-ULN Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb.

Menlo Systems' line of Ultrastable Lasers has been extended with the ORS-Cubic. The laser is based on a rigidly mounted 5cm cubic cavity, developed with the National Physical Laboratory, which offers the lowest vibration sensitivity reported for an optical cavity. The rigid mounting of the cavity allows for transportation of the system with no need for realignment.

Menlo says the ORS Ultrastable Laser System series, available from 500 to 1,600nm, helps saving valuable R&D time and staying highly focused on the experimental application. The ORS series is used in ultra-low noise microwave synthesis, ultra-stable frequency dissemination via optical fibre, optical clocks and many other atomic and molecular physics experiments. Combined with the firm's FC1500-250-ULN Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb, the purity of the Ultrastable Laser is transferred to other parts of the optical spectrum. For optical clock applications (e.g. Strontium lattice clocks) the firm offers complete solutions, including lasers required for cooling and preparation of the atoms.

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Title Annotation:LASER AND DIODES
Publication:Electro Optics
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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