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 HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- OrCAD today announced the successful launching of a joint OrCAD/Xilinx University Grants Program. Established earlier this summer, the program provides free software tools to qualified universities to enable erasable programmable logic devices (EPLDs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to be incorporated into digital systems design courses. The program is successfully assisting schools such as the University of Colorado at Denver, University of South Florida, Purdue University, and the University of Wisconsin to join the ranks of the hundreds of universities already providing FPGA design instruction. The goal is to expand the program by at least another 100 universities throughout the United States and Canada.
 The University Grants Program provides OrCAD design entry and verification software tools as the front end tool set for the Xilinx EPLD/FPGA development system. The OrCAD/Xilinx package is a complete development system ideal for digital systems design courses.
 Programmable logic has become a major segment of semiconductor business. According to In-Stat Inc., a market research firm located in Scottsdale, Ariz., projected 1993 programmable sales will be $1.2 billion up from $970 million last year. As reported in the "Electronic Engineering Times," the 1994 Strategic Marketing Forum for FPGA/PLD Manufacturers estimated that the worldwide market for FPGAs would increase from $321 million in 1993 to $751 million in 1997. Expectations are for continued strong growth in the future given the widely recognized time-to-market benefits programmable technology offers.
 "The University Program's success is largely due to the ease with which a professor can integrate this new material into the curriculum," said Wes Patterson, chief executive officer of Xilinx. "OrCAD was instrumental in helping us put a development system package together that provides and easy-to-use system to teach design entry, implementation and verification of Xilinx FPGA and EPLD designs. Unlike many educational programs, development system packages are being donated by Xilinx and OrCAD, allowing professors to overcome significant budget constraints."
 Dr. Shiu-Kai Chin, associate professor, department of electrical and computer engineering, Syracuse University stated, "We have been using OrCAD tools with our students for the past five years and have been very pleased with both the tools and the documentation provided. When OrCAD tools were offered as the front end to Xilinx FPGA designs, we jumped at the offer. This will enable us to teach our undergraduate students more complex designs."
 OrCAD is specifically targeting the complex programmable logic device and FPGA market. According to Mike Bosworth, chief executive officer of OrCAD, "We have found that many of our customers are increasingly using programmable logic on their printed circuit board designs. Our strategy is a long term one that includes teaching and training future design engineers in the latest technology. We could not have teamed with a better partner than Xilinx. Not only are its FPGAs the industry standard, but the Xilinx tools are easy to use like ours. This ease of use is essential for first time users."
 Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of CMOS programmable logic. The company has shipped more than 20 million FPGAs and has 14,500 development systems installed with more than $4,500 customers worldwide. In the most recent quarter, Xilinx sales reached $54.4 million worldwide.
 OrCAD's line of EDA tools provides a complete design solution for printed circuit boards, field programmable gate arrays and programmable logic devices from schematic capture and logic design synthesis, through simulation, to printed circuit board layout. The company targets the PC environment, and its DOS products have achieved an installed base of 76,000, the largest in the industry. More than 50 companies belong to OrCAD's Associates Program, a group that supplies additional design tools that interface with the OrCAD product line. The company's U.S. operations are located in Beaverton, Ore. and its European operations in Paris. OrCAD distributes its products through a world-wide network of resellers.
 For information about the University Grants Program, please contact Kevin O'Lone of OrCAD, 503-690-9881, or after Sept. 23, 503-671-9500; or David Lam of Xilinx at 408-879-4961.
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 /CONTACT: Jean Armstrong of Alliance Consulting Group, 503-452-5924, for OrCAD; or Frank Costa of OrCAD, 503-690-9881/

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