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OPTIX Document Management System adds Foldering Interface.

FLINT HILL, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 1997--Blueridge Technologies announced that their OPTIX Document Management System now offers an advanced foldering interface that enables users to organize OPTIX files in the same way that they organize files on their desktops. OPTIX foldering supports both Windows and Macintosh workstations.

OPTIX foldering enables users to 'drag and drop' files stored in OPTIX, to folders located on their desktops. Conversely, desktop files can be dragged into server folders for one-step archiving. The interface supports any type of electronic file including: scanned documents, email messages, images, and spreadsheets. Because the document icons act as pointers to documents stored on a server, users gain near instantaneous access to documents without overloading their local hard drive.

According to Jim Small, Director of Systems Development for Blueridge, "People understand the metaphor of desktop folders and files, and both Macintosh and Windows users are accustomed to the concept of dragging and dropping files into folders. As a result, OPTIX foldering reduces the need for user training, while increasing ease-of-use."

"No other document management system offers cross-platform foldering for both Windows and Macintosh workstations," said Howie Swaim, Blueridge's Director of Marketing. "OPTIX foldering builds on our reputation for providing document management systems that are powerful, flexible, and easy to use. It proves that industrial-strength business application software can be be 'powerful' and 'user-friendly' at the same time."

The foldering interface will ship with OPTIX systems in the 3rd Quarter of 1997.

Founded in 1988, Blueridge Technologies is one of the industry's oldest and most respected providers of electronic document management systems (EDMS). In 1994 OPTIX became the first document management system to offer workflow, document imaging, document control, COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk), and natural language text retrieval for both Windows and Macintosh workstations. Via the new OPTIX WEB interface, OPTIX also supports popular Web browsers, including Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Mosaic, and all the client platforms these products support -- including Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX workstations.

OPTIX systems begin in the range of $40,000 and include server software, client software for both Macintosh and Windows, installation, training, and support.

For a Blueridge Technologies Press Kit, camera-ready artwork, or more information, contact Howie Swaim, Director of Marketing at 540-675-3015 . For sales and product inquiries, contact John Jamieson at 540-675-3015 .

CONTACT: Blueridge Technologies

Howie Swaim, 540/675-3015

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 3, 1997
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