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 DALLAS, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Optical Data Systems Inc. (ODS) (NASDAQ-NMS: ODSI), a leading intelligent hub supplier and manufacturer of the ODS Infinity(A) intelligent switching hub line, announced today it has finalized an agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: CSCO), the leading worldwide supplier of high-performance multiprotocol internetworking products, to integrate Cisco's 4000 series router into the ODS Infinity hubs. The Cisco 4000 joins the Cisco 3000 module in the integrated Infinity component line.
 The 1094-CS4000 integrated Cisco 4000 modular router provides the features and flexibility of a high-end router at an excellent price to performance ratio. The 1094-CS4000 Series uses three slots in the ODS Infinity enterprise intelligent hubs and accommodates three Cisco 4000 network processors which supports several combinations of Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) and serial interfaces in one platform -- a capability previously reserved for high-end routers.
 The integrated Cisco 4000 modular routers bring new levels of flexibility to both regional and branch office remote communications. Network managers can plug any three network processor modules into the router's three front-loading slots to accommodate various media, network protocols, and transmission rates. When requirements change, managers can easily reconfigure the platform.
 The integrated Cisco 4000 routers run Cisco's industry leading routing software. This feature rich software provides many internetworking benefits, such as access authentication for security, and header compression and priority queuing for improved bandwidth utilization. It includes extensive network and routing protocol support (including SNA protocols and applications), as well as integrated network management capabilities. Cisco software accommodates many circuit- and packet switched wide-area services, including x.25, frame relay, and Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS).
 "Many of our customers want a seamlessly integrated routing hub which combines Infinity's advanced capabilities with Cisco's market- leading router technology. Integrating Infinity hubs with Cisco routing technology requires no modifications to the Cisco internal components, simplifying the tracking and updating of Cisco software," said Terry Gaston, vice president of marketing for ODS.
 Combining Cisco technology with the ODS Infinity is a customer- preferred solution to installing two separate devices. Using the integrated technology will enable a customer to support a remote office from a single Infinity hub. Advantages include saving rack space, simplifying installation, sharing redundant power supplies and increasing system reliability by reducing networking component counts. In addition, according to a study of Fortune 1000 companies conducted by Forrester Research of Cambridge, Mass., the cost of LAN administration is between $1,270 and $3,900 per user per year. The reduction of network component count, reduces network complexity and should therefore help reduce LAN administration costs.
 Because the Cisco 4000 router has AutoInstall capability, installing the integrated ODS/Cisco unit is simplified. Organizations will be able to extend internetworks to remote business operations cost-effectively and rapidly with plug-and-play installation.
 "ODS continues their tactic of integrating the very best and the very latest networking technology into the Infinity hub," said Marty Palka of Dataquest. "The Cisco 4000 brings a lot of routing horsepower to their hub."
 Available immediately are several versions of Cisco 4000 series modules with Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI and serial interfaces. Serial interfaces are available in RS-232, RS-449, RS-530, V.35 and X.21 with prices starting at $5,800.
 Dallas-based Optical Data Systems, Inc. announced the Infinity Hub product line in Jan. 1993. The Infinity Hub represents a significant advance in intelligent hub technology, including port switching, high density modules, superior RMON based network management, and seamless integration of multiple networking standards (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI and ATM). The Infinity was designed to optimally support integration of the finest 3rd party internetworking components, like the Cisco Routers, so that ODS customers may continually upgrade their networks without replacement of the installed base of hubs. ODS is located at 1101 East Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75081, and can be reached at 214-234-6400.
 (A) ODS and Infinity are trademarks of Optical Data Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Dec 6, 1993
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