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 DALLAS, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Optical Data Systems Inc. (ODS), a leading intelligent hub supplier and manufacturer of the Infinity(TM) intelligent switching hub line announced today the addition of a line of 486-based PC modules for the Infinity enterprise-class hub line. The modules will be available in 1, 2 and 4 slot versions to fit in any of the Infinity 12, 7 and 4 slot chassis.
 "The addition of hub-based PC modules continues our philosophy of putting mission-critical components into the hub to take advantage of the Infinity's load-sharing redundant power supplies and provide a integrated high density rack-mountable file/print server solution," said Terry Gaston, vice president of marketing for ODS. "The design of the modules were driven by customer demands for a high performance, high capability PC module for the Infinity. We call the process where we take a customer demand and convert it to a viable product Customer Driven Engineering. We feel we are the most responsive company in the market place when it comes to translating customer needs into a technically advanced product."
 The 1094-486 PC modules are available with a variety of CPUs (Central Processing Unit) from 486/SX25 to 486/DX266. Disk drives are available from 80 to 500 MB and all modules have a SCSI (Small Computer Software Interface) port to add additional disk drives. All modules come standard with 4MB of RAM (expandable to 64 MB), a 3.5" 1.4MB floppy drive and an AT keyboard port. Options include a full complement of Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI network adapter cards.
 "There are several reasons for putting a PC or any other integrated component into the hub," said Terry Gaston of ODS. "First, there is the issue of reliability. When a device has redundant, load sharing, load balancing power supplies that can be used to power other mission-critical devices the reliability of the entire network increases. Secondly, the issues of space and security go hand in hand; the 486 modules take up a fraction of the space of a conventional 486 PC case, therefore they can be rack-mounted and locked up in the wiring closet thus limiting access. Space is saved and the security of the network is increased. Another aspect, often overlooked, is the ability to set up plug and play networks for remote office applications. With a 486 PC module and the addition of an integrated Cisco or Wellfleet router module, a customer can ship a completely configured hub/router/server package to a remote office that can simply be plugged in. The need for LAN expertise at every remote location is reduced and in some cases eliminated."
 "ODS has taken an interesting tack in the development of its hub-integrated components," said Marty Palka of Dataquest. "Their idea of reducing total component count (i.e servers and routers in-hub) to increase network reliability and reduce network complexity is very interesting. With recent studies of Fortune 1000 companies pegging LAN administration costs at $1,270 to $3,900 per user per year, anything that can make LANs easier to manage should be welcomed."
 The 1094-486 modules start at $6,000 and are available immediately
 Dallas-based Optical Data Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: ODSI) announced the
Infinity Hub product line in January 1993. The Infinity Hub represents a significant advance in intelligent hub technology, including port switching, high density modules, superior RMON based network management, and seamless integration of multiple networking standards (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI and ATM). The Infinity was designed to optimally support integration of the finest third party internetworking components, so that ODS customers may continually upgrade their networks without replacement of the installed base of hubs. ODS is located at 1101 East Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75081 and can be reached at 214-234-6400.
 ODS and Infinity are trademarks of Optical Data Systems, Inc.
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 /CONTACT: Terry Bazzoon of ODS, 214-234-6400/

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