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OPTICA: Our Path Together Initiating Cultural Access. Final Report.

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This final report describes the activities and outcomes of OPTICA (Our Path Together Initiating Cultural Access) programs. For each program an information sheet indicates the goal, total participation, status of the goal, and activities of the program. Programs included: (1) Hands On: ASL Creative Story Telling, a program that used children's books to introduce translating, to develop visual locations, and to show usage of classifiers, role shifting, visual description, gesture, mime, visual vernacular, and poetry; (2) Kids ASL Theater Camp, a program in which three teachers worked with children with and without deafness to teach them juggling, mime, body sox movement, and a skit; (3) media classes that developed a televised community forum called Ear News and produced programs on how to use an interpreter, accessible community events, and self help; (4) $1 Movie Nights that showed movies relating to individuals with deafness and empowerment; (5) ASL Performers, a program that showcased storytellers using American Sign Language; (6) Total Accommodations Cultural Access Tapes, a program in which students were assigned to produce one 30-second public service announcement; (7) the Opening Doors to Art/Culture/Heritage Options; and (8) the television show: Using an Interpreter: A Consumers Perspective," which reached approximately 280,000 households. (CR)

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Author:Jackson, Susan, Comp.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Sep 30, 2001
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