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OPENING: Duncan Sprattmoran -- The Practice of Landscapes.

Byline: Stephen Kiesling


When Duncan Sprattmoran was twenty-two, he was visiting Findhorne, the spiritual community in Scotland, at what he describes as the end of a long and turbulent crisis. Seriously ill, he had a series of dreams, one of which found him in an apple tree painting watercolors. When he awoke, he walked to the village and bought some paints and set out to paint his own recovery. Says, Sprattmoran, "Over the years I began to learn how to paint. Let me mush in color and I'm a happy guy. Even gray. There's tons of color in gray!"


Sprattmoran now lives "in a field, in a 12-volt, off-the-grid, solar and windmill-powered house on Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula, the top knuckle of the little finger." He says, "I'm a middle school teacher, and I paint almost daily and almost always outside. A short walk behind my house, there are four islands, high sand dunes - vistas everywhere! Standing within a landscape and painting a landscape speaks to my own condition. The landscape reminds me that I am part of it."


- View a PDF of Opening to see some of Sprattmoran's art .
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Author:Kiesling, Stephen
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Date:May 1, 2009
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