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I JUST WANTED to get off a note of congrats and also a bit of a thank you for the article you did in yesterday's paper, (Halifax Chronicle-Herald, October 28, 2018), 'Selling to the Saudis costs us our integrity.' I like your stuff anyway, to the point and very brave too! I don't know if you read my submission on the Herald Opinions page under the Voice of the People titled 'Complicit With War Crimes.' I to was touching some of the same bases you were telling the public about namely, the huge money we are reaping from Weapon Sales and more importantly, to whom.

However, I was somewhat surprised to see the Editor delete some of my words and content. I could only suspect he/she did this to save on copy space perhaps or 'Legal' kind of helps in the editing of such diatribes? Sometimes in our enthusiasm to make our points, we need all the original words/sentences we submitted and when they're not included you kind of feel robbed. In any event, as I was just telling an old political junkie compadre of mine, your article was very in line with what I was saying, particularly in your last 3 paragraphs and with this I wanted to say thanks Scott!


Cliff Williams

Windsor, NS

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Title Annotation:POSTED IN: Letters to the editor
Author:Williams, Cliff
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2018

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