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OP monthly status report frequently asked questions/current issues.

Question: I noticed my degree is not annotated in my record; how do I get that properly updated?

Answer: Degrees are input by BUPERS Code 45E. They will need your official completed transcript to put your degree in your official record. The Supply Corps Career Counselor can help expedite that process. Send your completed transcripts to: Navy Personnel Command (PERS 4412Q), Attn: LCDR Michael O'Connell, Supply Corps Career Counselor, 5720 integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-4412.

Question: Block 52 of my ODC is blank but I know I've completed service schools. How do I update Block 52 of my ODC?

Answer: The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) does the majority of ODC updates, including Block 52. The link provided ( OfficerClassification/ii/c.htm) lists all the approved service schools that can be included on Block 52. You will need to provide the course title, completion certificate and course dates to NSIPS at or call them at 1-877-589-5991.

Question: I noticed that the chronological history, Block 91 on my ODC is not correct. How do I get that corrected?

Answer: NSIPS also updates Block 91 of the ODC. They will need copies of your FITREPs in order to make the proper corrections to block 91 and can be reached via the e-mail or phone number provided in the question above.

Question: How do I get awards updated in my record?

Answer: Per NAVADMIN 177/04 dated August 04, revised procedures exist for origination, processing and documenting personal and unit awards. Navy award submission standard operating procedures (SOP) can be found at the awards Web site at You can also use this Web site for reviewing your personal awards. Echelon II commands have responsibility for updating the awards database for awards processed through their chain-of-command.

Question: How are lieutenants and below detailed? Answer: SUP OP is responsible for the detailing of O-3s and below to ensure milestone attainment and professional development of those officers. Officers are not required, nor should they be asked, to interview for a billet, nor is it required for commands to approve a detail. For commands with an O-6 Supply Corps officer or an O-5 afloat, the respective detailer will provide an ODC upon command request for information only.

All lieutenants and lieutenants junior grade billets are posted on the LT Sea/Overseas and LT Shore Detailer Web pages for the coming year. Officers may contact the detailers at any time to discuss options and preferences, but, may not negotiate for orders until in the detailing window (eight months prior to PRD INCONUS, 10 months prior to PRD OCONUS). Officers are eligible for billets that range from 1 month prior to PRD to 3 months after PRD.

Certain billets require either a formal or informal nomination. These billets are clearly spelled out in MILPERSMAN 1301-202 and include billets/commands such as flag aide, White House, and the Naval Academy. The billets listed in MILPERSMAN 1301-202 are the only billets for which officers are nominated.

Question: When were the FY09 Zones released?

Answer: The zone (senior ad junior officers) for the FY 09 Supply Community were released in ALNAV message format sometime during the first two weeks of December. It is also be viewable on the NPC Web site FY09Schedule.htm and inside the SC Directory posted on NKO. The FY 09 Selection Board schedule will be posted in a couple different places.

Question: Where can I find out information regarding the road show schedule?

Answer: The road show season has officially begun. This year's schedule is very similar to last year's schedule and we will be traveling Oct 06 through April 07. If you have a specific question as to when the road show will be in your area, please call LCDR Karen Little at (901) 874-4614.

Question: When will the 2007 SC Directory be released?

Answer: The 2007 Supply Corps Directory is anticipated to be posted to NKO by the week of 15 January.

Question: I'm missing a good deal of information on my ODC and some data is in error! What should I do?

Answer: BuPers Online (BOL) has a robust ODC update tool that ties into a utility that steps you through the process to update practically every block of your ODC. If you have errors or question regarding your AQDs, APC Formal Education or SubSpecs you should contact the Career Counselor's desk at (901) 874-4624.

Question: My mentor assigned in Athens has retired and I'm at a command without any senior SC Officers. Can I ask to have another assigned?

Answer: You can ALWAYS call the career counselors desk and can certainly request to be put in contact with an O6 to provide career advice and counsel. Contact LCDR Michael O'Connell at (901) 874-4624 today.

Question: I heard a rumor that IAs were going to be managed like a detail?

Answer: NAVADMIN 147/07 announces the intent to immediately begin shifting the way the Navy assigns sailors to missions in support of the global war on terrorism (GWOT). It will be a three phase spiral approach, with Phase I implantation commencing in June 07. The intent is to change support of GWOT from mid-tour rips to negotiated tours. Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment (GSA) is the new term used to describe the negotiated, PCS assigned tour in support of GWOT that meets existing Joint Manning Doctrine (JMD) demand signals. IA is still the term we use to refer to the process we currently employ as a rip to fill.

Question: What are the three phases?

Answer: Phase I targets Joint Manning Doctrine (JMD) driven, stable, recurring requirements which affect approximately 1,200 JMD driven, SWOT support billets as they become available for refill between September 2007 and December 2008 (approximately 33 percent of our current requirements). Phase II of the process will account for request for forces (RFF) refill requirements, bringing a total of approximately 80 percent of the AC GWOT support requirements into the mainstream detailing process. Phase III is aimed at mainstreaming emergent fills into the process, which currently accounts for approximately 20 percent of all AC requirements.

Question: Can you expand on what Phase I will entail and who will be affected?

Answer: Phase I focuses on moving stable and recurring Joint Manning Doctrine billets from Individual Augmentee status to a GSA status. For the Supply Corps, approximately 50 requirements have been identified that meet the Phase I criteria and will move from the IA list to the GSA list.

Question: What business rules exist for who will be negotiating from the GSA list?

Answer: The guidelines for detailing officers to GSA are still in draft and will evolve as this new process gets executed. However, some general guidelines for eligibility are: GSA eligibility:

* All officers in their detailing window between paygrades of 02-06 are eligible for an IA and in the IA pool unless:

* Returning from deployment of six months or more within six months of PRD

* Returning from unaccompanied tours in which there was no option other than an unaccompanied tour

* Being assigned to an operational assignment

* Being detailed to Postgraduate School school/service college

* Being detailed to internship

* Being detailed to flag aide or flag executive assistant billet

* Earned 918 AQD within last 24 months GSA pool screening considerations:

* Operational, overseas (including Hawaii), Joint and GSAs billets have priority over CONUS shore billets Milestone requirements

* Applications for EA/aide position (officers being considered for an EA/Aide position are delayed from assignment)

* HDLD skill sets such as 1306, 1307, 3110 and 3211 subspecialties where critical experience or education is required

In a situation in which there is no GSA requiring the HDLD subspecialty held by the officer but there is a routine billet requiring the HDLD subspecialty, an officer possessing the required subspecialty may exit the GSA pool and be issued orders to the routine billet. Orders may still be cancelled up to four months prior to PRD month.

GSA AQD (918)

* If GSA AQD earned within the last five years officer will have a lower priority as compared to those who have either not earned the GSA AQD or earned GSA AQD more than 5 years ago

* If GSA AQD was earned more than 5 years ago the officer's priority for GSA detailing is below that of those who do not hold the GSA AQD.

Question: When does the Supply Corps expect to start detailing the 50 identified billets as a GSA?

Answer: OP has begun detailing the GSA requirements as of June 07 for billets rolling as early as Feb 08. The NPC Web sites have been updated to reflect this change. As we transition, there will be two processes in effect; the new GSA process and the IA "rip to fill" process we have used up to this point.

Question: What are the advantages to moving from the current IA process to the GSA process?

Answer: The purpose of the shift is to significantly improve predictability of GWOT assignments for our folks and their families, enable volunteerism, improve manning stability and add detailer involvement for oversight of professional development and career progression.
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