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For any record maintenance questions please contact the Career Counselor, LT Sam Dowell at sam.dowell@navy. mil, (901)8744624 or Ms. Ruth Bennett at, (901)874-4629.

Question: Has the requirement to have an updated Officer photograph in your record changed recently?

Yes, NAVADMIN 242326Z ARR 07 addresses the requirement to have a color officer photograph in the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).

Question: The NAVADMIN didn't specifically state the prescribed uniform. Where can I find that information?

The NAVADMIN references MILPERSMAN 1070-180 revised April 07. The MILPERSMAN states the preferred uniform shall be Service Khaki, uncovered. However, if Service Khaki is unavailable, any regulation uniform is acceptable.

Question: When is the photograph required to be in OMPF?

The requirement is effective in the FY09 board season which commences I October 2007. Officers who do not have a color photograph in their current grade were to submit a photograph by 30 September 2007.

Question: What are the requirements for the photograph?

The photograph shall be in color; display a full length, three-quarter view of the member, left shoulder forward; have a plain, flat background to provide sufficient contrast to highlight details of the uniform; and be 4 inches in width and 6 inches in height.

Question: How do I get the photograph into my permanent record?

All official photographs should be affixed to the NAVPERS 1070/884 and mailed to:

Navy Personnel Command


5720 Integrity Dr.

Millington, TN 38055-3120.

Note: When filling out the NAVPERS 1070/884, member must include full SSN and sign the form. Photos can not be sent via .pdf file, they must be snail mailed.

Question: How can I tell if my photo is in current grade or in color?

Go to BOL ccamain.asp and click on FITREP/ Eval reports. Under reports there is a link titled performance evaluation continuity, click on it and down in the lower right hand corner there are two blocks that will tell you if your photo is updated and if it is in color.

Question: Block 52 of my ODC is blank but I know I've completed service schools. How do I update Block 52 of my ODC?

The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) does the majority of ODC updates, including Block 52. The link below provides lists pf all the approved service schools that can be included on Block 52. You will need to provide the course title, completion certificate and course dates to NSIPS at nsipshelpdesk@ or fax to 1-504-697-0342. You can also call them at 1-877-589-5991 . mil/bup_updt/508/OfficerClassification/ii/c.htm

Question: My awards are incorrect in my OMPF and or Online Record, how do I get these corrected?

If you are trying to correct an award that was issued incorrectly (i.e. spelling errors, wrong award number) you must contact the command that authorized the award. Once the command sends you the corrected award, submit a quality copy to the Career Counselor for replacing the one already in your record.

If your award records (ESR/ NDAWS/OMPF/PSR) are not agreeing with each other, there are several steps involved with getting them matched up and or updated.

First, you need to check your awards under NDAWS. Go to our Website and look under Awards/ Decorations/Medals and read "Navy Department Awards Web-Service (NDAWS)". mil/CareerInfo/RecordsManagement/MedalsDecorations+Awards. htm Once you are at NDAWS Website review their FAQ section for "Update Awards".

Second, if NDAWS https:// wrong, you need to get that corrected first; your command NDAWS Authority will update NDAWS and submit the awards to NPC for placing into the record. NDAWS will also update other online records (i.e., Electronic Service Record (ESR), ODC, or PSR); this usually takes about one to two weeks depending on the cycle process.

If NDAWS is correct, the next step is to check your online records and verify that the award and the award count agree with NDAWS, if not, contact the NDAWS authority for PERS 312 to correct your ESR/OSR (see NDAWS Authorities).

Third, if your online record agrees with NDAWS but the award is missing from your OMPF (CDROM) record and it has been over fourteen (14) months since NDAWS mailed the document to NPC, you can forward the award to PERS-312C1 for scanning to your record. See also "Changes and Corrections" http://www.npc. Submiss.htm

Note: When submitting awards to the NDAWS authority for updating your online record only (the award is already in your OMPF record) annotate in the upper right corner "For Data Entry Only (NDAWS)--Do Not Submit to NPC". Without this statement the NDAWS authority will submit the document to us for filing and you will then have a duplicate award in your OMPF record.

Question: What is the process for getting a SUBSPEC into my record?

The Navy Subspecialty System is an integrated manpower and personnel classification and control system which establishes criteria and procedures for identifying officer requirements for advanced education, functional training, and significant experience in various fields and disciplines. The Navy Professional Development (NAVPRODEV) Website ( or the Navy Officer Manpower Personnel Classifications Website (http://buperscd. OfficerClassification/i/officerClassOneMenu.htm) are great references for learning about SUPSPEC policy and procedures. If you believe you qualify for a subspecialty code, you can submit your command endorsed request with substantiating documentation (ie FITREPs, letters of designation etc.) to: Navy Personnel Command, PERS 45E, 5720 Integrity Dr., Millington, TN 38055-4400. PERS 45E is responsible for routing your request to the appropriate SME who will approve or disapprove your request for submission into your official record. Important to note that requesting a subspecialty code requires a minimum of 18 months of experience. Subspecialty codes are not applied to Limited Duty Officer (LDO) or Warrant Officer (WO) billets.

Question: What is the difference between an "S" code, "R" code, "P" code, "G" code and "Q" code in regards to subspecialties?

An "S" code is given for a subspecialty related to experience. Again, the minimum experience required in a certain area is 18 months to be considered for the "S" code. An "R" code is given for significant experience in that an Officer has been assigned and performed duties in that subspecialty for at least two separate and distinct 18 month periods. A "P" code is given after completion of a post graduate education which is both fully funded and meets Navy requirements. For example, an Officer who completes the 815 curriculum at NPS will receive a 1306P. A "G" code is given to Officer's who have completed a post graduate level education which is not fully funded by the Navy and may not fully meet Navy educational skill requirements. The most common occurrence of this is Supply Corps Officer's who have attained master's degrees via a civilian institution at their own expense or partially at their own expense. Realize that a "G" code does not disqualify you from any "P" coded billets. Finally, a "Q" code is given to Officer's who have both completed a fully funded post graduate education which meets Navy requirements and completed a min 18 month "payback" tour in that subspecialty. Until recently policy had dictated that this designation was only available to the unrestricted line community, however, this designation is now available to Supply Corps Officers.

Question: What are the Subspecialty codes available to Supply Corps Officer's?

Some common Subspecialty codes related to our career paths are:

1301--Supply Acquisition, Dist. Management

1302--Systems Inventory Management

1304--Transportation Logistics Management

1306--Acquisition and Contract Management

1307--Petroleum Management

3110--Financial Management

3121--Logistics and Transportation Management-Logistics

3122--Logistics and Transportation Management-Transportation

3211--Operations Research AnalysisAnalysis and Assessment

3212--Operations Research AnalysisLogistics

For a complete list see: https://

Mentoring Update: In an effort to enhance the effectiveness of Supply Corps mentoring the Senior Leadership Advisory Council (SRLAC) was asked to review our current program and make recommendations that would enhance Supply Corps mentoring. Based on SRLAC recommendations, the Supply Corps Career Counselor is facilitating mentor/protege assignments during the first two initial tours in the officer's career as follows:

Basic Quality Course (BQC) Graduates: The career counselor has begun assigning a Commander or Commander (select) mentor to each BQC graduate, based on geographic co-location, as they depart Athens. (As you may recall, previous mentor assignments were Captains not always in the same geographical area.) This new methodology places mentor and protege closer in career length, life experience, age, and location.

First Shore Tour Officers: At this critical career milestone, the career counselor will begin providing Supply Corps Association (SCA) Presidents orders announcements for incoming Junior Officers in their geographic location. The SCA will serve as the mentoring agent to ensure inbound officers are contacted and assigned local mentors. This is intended to strengthen the "esprit de corps" of our community as it helps bring new officers into the local association. In assigning mentors, SCA Presidents will look for professional and personal characteristics common between mentors and proteges to further enhance the probability of a successful long-term relationship.

Mentorship works when mentors and proteges are committed to establishing a successful relationship. As we move to formally pair mentors with proteges, all Senior Officers are expected to recognize the importance of mentoring to the continued success of our community. Senior leaders should take every opportunity to mentor Junior Officers. Junior Officers should actively seek career advice from Senior SC Officers throughout their career.

If you have questions regarding mentoring or other career programs please contact LT Sam Dowell, Supply Corps Career Counselor, at sam. or phone (901) 874-4624/DSN 882-4624.

Supply Corps Commander Sea Board Results

The following Supply Corps officers have been selected by the FY 2009 Supply Corps Commander Sea Board. Commanders in Promotion Year Groups 2005 through 2009 were considered for selection under the Sea Board selection process.

PYG 05

Carla M. Albritton

Kevin M. Jones

Kyle P. Luksovsky

Edward L. Zawislak

PYG 06

John D. Cassani

Bernard D. Knox

Christopher D. Parker

Kerry L. Pearson

PYG 07

Ricardo Byrdsong

Robert K. DeGuzman, Jr.

Preston L. Gill

Darrell L. Mathis

Karl E. Oettl

PYG 08

Jason A. Bridges

Patrick A. Burson

Dion D. English

Mark A. Escoe

Harry X. Nicholson

Jeffrey W. Ragghianti

Mark J. Runstrom

PYG 09

Kristin Acquavella

William H. Clarke

Bradley E. Emerson

James G. Fabby

Terrel J. Fisher

James T. Thomas

FY09 Junior Service College Selects

Congratulations to the following Lieutenant Commander selects on being chosen for the FY09 Supply Corps Junior Service College.

Robert G. Alexander III

Kerry E. Baker

Donette V. Beckford

Carla S. Berg

Daniel L. Bessman

Kenneth S. Bodman

Jonathan A. Boucher

Roger M. Bruce

Keith A. Capper

Dawn A. Chapman

Kevin A. Crosby

Mark H. Dickinson

Michael D. Edwards

Josh A. Elston

Vincent V. Erno

Jurmin M. Francis

William K. Goodman

Shannon B. Harrell

Brian D. Henderson

Ignatius K. Hickman

Derek P. Hotchkiss

Benjamin B. Johnson

Melinda A. Johnson

Patrick J. Kelly

Matthew D. Kremer

Christopher M. Lee

Hui H. Lee

Gwen B. Liegel

Michael F. Lorrain II

Cass K. Madson

Roldan C. Mina

Pedro G. Morin

Douglas R. Murphy

Christopher A. Newell

Joseph N. Obi

Leopoldo Ochoa Jr.

Steven M. Osborne

David W. Pavlik

Gilberto P. Penserga

Joseph C. Pestar Jr.

Joseph H. Peth

Derwin B. Proby

Charles M. Reed

Allen Rivera

David A. Shultz

Benjamin L. Sheinman

Elisha E. Singleton

Frederick H. Skinner

Kevin J. Stielow

Richard S. Thomas

Juan C. Uribe

Kristian L. Wahlgren

Alexander D. Wallace III

Carl R. Ward

Daryl M. Wilson

Michael D. Winn

Junior Service College is an excellent opportunity for our officers to explore Joint Professional Military Education arenas. Contact your detailer for additional information regarding the Junior and Senior Service Colleges.

FY09 Reserve (SELRES/FTS) Supply Corps LCDR Selects

Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Thomas D. Appelbaum

Russell A. Baum Jr

Andrew J. Beal

Jonathan T. Brianas

Todd F. Brittonharr

David T. Burns

Michael T. Clark

Vincent R. Divarco

Roger L. Dube

James K. Durham

Pamela A. Elliott

Toni O. Foster

John Franco

Donald J. Gardner

Terry R. Henderson

Patrice M. Higgins

Brian J. Huckaby

Christopher M. Hurley

Thomas C. Hutchinson

Muzafar B. Icsel

Joseph C. Jenkins

Karen A. Kimel

William E. Knochel

Christopher S. Koprivec

Benjamin A. Langis

Kathy A. Levister

Armando J. Machado

Daren C. Mainer

Onofrio P. Margioni

Jonathan K. Markrich

John R. Mcelyea

Jonathan B. Mckelvain

Julie R. Merritt

Kevin B. Morris

Paul W. Morris

Alexander J. Murray

Nancy E. Novickisvojcak

Michael T. Omalley

Karen D. Oruwariye

Michael L. Payne

James D. Peters

Christopher W. Peterson

Christopher W. Poulos

Matthew B. Reed

Christopher A. Riordan

Demetrit S. Rushin

Raj J. Sakaria

Jeffrey S. Schneider

Zuben V. Sharma

Michael D. Shoemaker

Jamal D. Smyth

Frank R. Solorzano

Michele L. Spring

Francis X. Sterling

John F. Stuart

Joseph W. Stubitz

James O. Toal

Adam A. Tolk

Lisa L. Tonnar

Anthony Q. Tran

Christopher J. Tranchetti

Ralph W. Turner

Jasper A. Unger

Kurt B. Warmbrod

John T. Weston

Mark D. Wilhelm

Renee D. Whitsell

Daryl R. Wilkerson

Jermaine A. Wilson

Nicholas J. Wilson

Loretta M. Yeo

Supply Corps Fall 2008 Internship Selectees

Congratulations to the following selectees of the Fall 2008 Internship Program. The programs in which they will participate include: Navy Acquisition Contracting Officer; Business Financial Management; Integrated Logistics Support Manager; Operational Logistics Petroleum; Joint Operational Logistics; Naval Special Warfare; Ordinance and Transportation. The selectees are:


LTJG Peter Azubike

LTJG Mark Cowans

LTJG Kelly Gerety

LTJG DeeAnn Gunnells

LTJG Samuel Hull

LTJG Helen Ringer

LTJG Puriphat Surarujiro

LTJG Jason Terrell

LTJG Matthew Wilson

LTJG Franz Yu


LTJG Jatan Bastola

LTJG Don Cade

LTJG Christopher Gomez

LTJG Nathan Peck


LTJG Laura Anderson

LTJG Sohnhwa Franklin

LTJG Anna Miles

LTJG John Olabode

LTJG Jan Schotman


LTJG Stephen Benz

LTJG Michael Harris


LTJG Mark Adam Gunter

LTJG Patrick Murphy


LTJG Jason Harnish


LTJG Diana Koucheravy

LTJG Jonathon Lavery


LTJG Jonathan Krenz

LTJG Christopher Work

Supply Corps FY09 Postgraduate School Selections

810 Selections

LT Bisioye A. Bolarinwa

LT Christian K. Booth

LCDR(S) Peter M. Braendeholm

LT Douglas P. Ellington

LCDR Matthew J. Fahner

LT Andrew E. Henwood

LT David K. Jones Jr.

LT Scott A. Long

LT Timothy J. Mark

LT Daniel W. Metz

LCDR(S) David W. Pavlik

LT Jecisken Ramsey

LT Brandolyn N. Roberts

LCDR(S) Monty W. Rycroft

811 Selections

LT Jerrod M. Jones

360/361 Selections

LT Jason V. Ileto

LT Nicholas I. Miller

LT Andrew J. Oswald

NPS Selections

LT Thomas E. Arnold

LT Michael Augustine

LT Matthew A. Beyers

LT Walter B. Blackwell

LT James W. Burns

LT Abdul R. Ceville

LT Peter Chang

LCDR Anthony R. Coca

LT Eric J. Coomes

LT Anthony R. Dicola

LT Duncan R. Ellis

LT Kirk A. Engler

LT Phillip J. Gagen

LT Juan C. Gonzalez

LT Jeffrey D. Hankins

LT Jarred S. Henley

LT Dana M. Herbert

LT Joshua R. Hill

LT Peter J. Holdorf

LT Scott T. Huttleston

LT Ian G. Iliff

LT William M. Jakubowicz

LCDR(S) Melinda A. Johnson

LT Christopher R. Kading

LT Brennan J. Kemper

LT Walter L. Laptew Jr.

LT Jason A. Morgan

LT Sean A. Neer

LT James M. Newton

LT Nathan G. Olish

LT Thurman B. Phillips

LT James A. Prosser

LT Bruce M. Reilly II

LT Dena B. Risley

LT Christopher F. Roesner

LT Jason W. Ross

LT Robert D. Salire

LT Matthew J. Shiels

LT Kennis J. Sigmon

LT Tamara T. Smith

LT Albert T. Sonon IV

LT Trisha A. Sutton

LT Jesse K. Taijeron

LT James A. Trout

LT Nicholas A. Ulmer

LT Ernesto M. Ureta

LT Robert B. Walworth

LT Rebecca A. Wasmer

LT Blake A. Whittle

LT Matthew D. Wilcox

LT Jason C. Williams

LT Ryan J. Wodele

LT Jarett B. Wolfe

LT James P. Zakar
Supply Corps Officer Strength

As of December 2008

 Selected LDO/WO
 Regular Reserve Active FTS Total

FLAG 12 6 0 0 18
LAPT 169 97 1 9 276
CDR 376 225 11 26 638
LCDR 472 193 27 37 729
LT 667 127 68 21 883
LTJG 352 70 19 3 444
ENS 316 154 21 1 492
CWO 0 6 72 0 78
TOTAL 2363 878 219 97 3557
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