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ONS is involved in partnerships on many levels.

Partnerships are an important aspect of oncology nurses' professional lives, as we work with colleagues as well as members of the community. Some partnerships allow for open collaboration, whereas others may challenge the possibility. With partnerships, both entities typically share all aspects of the venture, particularly when attempting to augment their outreach or resources.

ONS has created partnerships at multiple levels that further our vision and mission and maintain our core values. I want to highlight a few of those partnerships--some that are ongoing, and some that are new.

We regularly partner with our members through chapters and special interest groups (SIGs). Our chapters have partnered with their communities, and examples of partnership efforts are highlighted in this issue. Our SIG Council promotes collaboration among the SIGs to better integrate the SIGs into ONS. SIGs also collaborate to address issues of mutual concern, such as developing quality newsletters and improving communication.

Our state health policy liaisons are ONS volunteers who partner with oncology nurses at the local, state, and national level to engage in health policy advocacy efforts. Nationally, ONS partners with other nursing organizations to address the nursing shortage and funding to support nursing education. We also joined with C-Change and the American Society of Clinical Oncology to report to the National Cancer Policy Forum about the workforce shortage and potential solutions. The emergence of issues related to survivorship inspired our "co-convener" partnership with Sigma Theta Tau International and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. Partnerships and collaborations at the national level have led to invitations for ONS presidents to submit Guest Commentary columns for the NCI Cancer Bulletin.

ONS's commitment to diversity and international outreach can be seen in partnerships such as our formal liaison relationship with the Intercultural Cancer Council, Sisters Network, and International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care. For a complete list of formal and informal liaisons, visit

In 2007, we were involved in a cooperative presentation with the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology at its fall meeting and again during the ONS Institutes of Learning and Advanced Practice Nursing Conference. The ONS Leadership Development Institute was invited to meet in Israel in December 2007 with attendees from Cyprus, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Jordan, and Turkey, as well as the United States.

Partnerships and collaborations are essential to realizing ONS's vision-to lead the transformation of cancer care.

Georgia M. Decker, MS, RN, CS-ANP, AOCN[R], ONS President

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Author:Decker, Georgia M.
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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