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WE WROTE: Three people were taken to hospital as separate collisions in the A19 slowed commuter traffic to a crawl.

YOU SAID: There is at least one crash every day on the A19. I've seen how people drive and it is partly due to people being too impatient moving lanes and tailgating. I do, however, hope that everyone is OK and, at the end of the day, cars are just expensive pieces of metal.

David Tomlinson Where is the common sense? Gone these days and driver courtesy, can't expect slip road to build up either.

Sometimes you just have to be courteous and let people in even if it does mean you have to slow down a bit.

And these people who get in the overtaking lane and won't move back also slow down traffic. It's called the overtaking lane for a reason.

Lindy Lakey Leboucher People just don't know how to drive... I'm a white van man, and I shouldn't be overtaking fools toddling about doing 40/50 on a 70 stretch.

I'm an old clapped out van, but still slowed down by drivers not reading the road right.

Jonathan Blench
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 30, 2014
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