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Theranos, Inc. has debuted a new online resource, Theranos MD Connect connecting patients directly to primary care physicians, the first line of defense for prevention and treatment. The service which can be accessed via goes live on July 3 and is part of Theranos' overall health and wellness model aimed at preventive care, emphasizing a system where individuals can access the information they need to make informed decisions about their health in conjunction with their primary care physician.

Theranos is committed to providing this service connecting patients to primary care physicians anywhere that Theranos lab testing services are available. Over the coming months, additional features will be introduced and specialists and physicians across all backgrounds will be added to the service. Currently, doctors listed on Theranos MD Connect are primary care physicians licensed with the state of Arizona, given the concentration of Theranos Wellness Centers in the state. The service is provided for free online any individual can access contact information for a primary care physician regardless of whether they have received a Theranos lab test.

In addition to joining ranks of their colleagues on the new Theranos MD Connect, physicians in Arizona have embraced the Theranos model for their patients, citing the innovation, quality, convenience, affordability, and increased patient compliance associated with the lab testing services.

Theranos lab testing services are available in Theranos Wellness Centers in Arizona and Palo Alto, California. The company provides accurate and convenient testing services with transparent prices that are 50-80% below Medicare reimbursement rates. Theranos MD Connect is open to licensed physicians who wish to be included.

About Theranos

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Theranos, Inc. is a consumer health care technology company. Theranos' clinical laboratory offers comprehensive laboratory tests from samples as small as a few drops of blood at unprecedented low prices. Founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos' makes actionable health information accessible to people around world, enabling early detection and intervention of disease, and empowering individuals with information to live the lives they want to live.

For more information, visit or call 650/470-6153.

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Date:Jul 1, 2015

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